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Discover The Benefits MVNOs Have With The Arrival Of eSIM

MVNO is the short term for Mobile Virtual Network Operator. These MVNOs usually provide their wireless connections at reduced prices to their customers after leasing it from third party mobile network operators. They sell it under their brand and therefore get help in increasing their business.

CeliTech is a US-based programmable eSIM api provider that helps customers to receive mobile services digitally. It also provides great data plans and wireless service. If your business needs to step in eSIM business or act as MVNO then CeliTech is the best choice to go for. They also provide cellular data at rates that are budget-friendly.

Why eSIM for MVNO?

  • Scope for becoming the sole interface

With the advent of eSIM, there is a scope for MVNOs to become a sole interface for some specific applications or industries. MVNO owned sim profiles can be open to end-users through this new technology. They can surely use the eSIM functionality to produce new services and drive profit from them.

  • Remote SIM Provisioning

The inclusion of enterprise-specific applications to the devices will allow users to remotely start the download of an eSIM profile for mobile connectivity. Now a network that will have the ability to process a large quantity of data within a short period will be benefitted. Remote SIM Provisioning will result in decreased latency.

  • Increased Revenue

MVNO’s traveller clients can help in growing their revenue to some extent. MVNOs can be added temporarily to their consumer’s devices while they are traveling abroad. And since eSIM gives the least reason to visit the mobile stores, the most widely online MVNO market will be gaining more profit.

Now the technology will allow the option of using a local profile at a place where the device is located. MVNOs can find a good position in this new digitalized system.

Latest News about eSim Technology

As you have seen that eSIMs are programmable remotely, it ensures the MVNOs of global development possibilities securely and simply. This feature also allows access to the desired mobile technologies. MVNOs are supple and small players in this long digital journey. They are free to make agreements with local operators to download the SIM profile. These local profiles are easy to access and maintain remotely.

Currently, there is a need to equip most digital devices with global roaming SIM solution and eSIM provides this opportunity. It aids your roaming expenditure. Customers are free to select their operators through eSIM which also reduces the human effort of visiting various mobile shops to do this task manually.


Apart from this operator rate changes have always been a great issue till now but eSIM also protects you from this problem. Consumers are always attracted by innovative plans and strategies. It is also important to ensure proper marketing and promotion of these new technologies.

And once the consumers are satisfied and have gained trust, it also gives you peace of mind and confidence and energy to always present something new and creative in front of your audience.