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5 Top Factors to Consider When Buying a TV Stand

Your TV is a focal point in your home. The interesting thing is that your TV stand is a very important accessory for your TV. It helps to showcase your TV.

If you buy the wrong TV stand, it will make your TV look ugly no matter how beautiful it is. We cannot emphasize how important buying the right TV is to your viewing experience. 

In this post, we will share the top 5 factors you should consider when buying a TV stand. After reading this, your task should be easier. Let’s dive straight in.

How to buy a TV stand

It isn’t strange to see people complain about their TV stands just a few hours or days after purchase. This occurs when they don’t consider the appropriate factors before they buy their TV stands. After carrying out a lot of research, we have come up with the top 5 factors to consider. 

Viewing Height

If you are trying to recreate the cinema experience in your home, one of the things to consider is comfort. This is where the viewing height of the TV stand comes in. If the stand is too high or low, it means you’ll have to view your TV from unusual angles.

Viewing your TV at unusual angles will result in discomfort that may lead to neck pain. What is the healthy height for your TV stand? You need a stand that puts your TV at eye level. 

This means that you must consider the height of the stand in relation to your TV and chairs. Always make sure that the stand doesn’t raise your TV too high above your sight level. If possible, buy a stand that is adjustable in case you have to change your TV or chairs.

TV weight and size

The reason why you are buying a TV stand in the first place is to accommodate or mount your TV. This means that the stand must measure up to the TV is weight and size. You have to check the size and weight of the TV before you even go out to check for TV stands.

If the stand is not the appropriate size, it will make the TV look awkward in your living room. You don’t want that to happen. You must also make sure that it is the appropriate size so that the TV doesn’t topple over. 

The weight capacity of the stand is also important. It should be strong enough to carry your TV. If it isn’t, the TV is likely to crush the stand. That’s a disaster for both the TV and other gadgets on the stand.

Match your style

There are so many styles of TV stands. Some of them have decorative elements while others are plain. You need to pick one that suits your room décor.

Consider the shape of the stand. There are some with asymmetrical shapes while others have rounded bases. All of these will affect how the stand fits into your room.

Organization and storage space

What else do you want to store in the stand asides your TV? Do you have game consoles and a home theater set? This will help you know how much storage you need a TV stand to have. You should also consider if the stand can help with cable organization or not.

Adding VPI turntables will give it a much cooler look and won’t take much space.


Finally, how much will you be able to afford for the TV stand. There are very affordable stands for people on a budget. Note that there will always be something for you to buy within your budget range.


With the factors above, it should be easier for you to buy a TV stand. Did we leave out any factors? Share them with us in the comments section below.