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Different Ways In Which User Onboarding Software Can Be Used

Depending on the industry or the organisation where it is being used, user onboarding software can be used in many different ways. Some of the most common and effective way of using the same include:

  • Adoption or usage of new software: The introduction of new software is generally followed by a training session and a period of frustrated productivity. These trainings can be made more simple by the usage of a training software for smarter utilization of time. During this time the employees just manage to learn the bare minimum commands and usage. Thus they remain ignorant or unaware of the other important and relevant features and characteristics of the new software. The use of onboarding software enables an employee to get help intuitively at the point of work. This helps make life easier for the employee who can get hands-on training of all the features that might be required thereby enhancing the utility of the new software.
  • Release of new features and products: New versions and new product releases keep happening almost every day. To capitalise on these features and product releases, the company needs to keep organising training sessions to educate the employees. This can put the company under financial strain. The use of onboarding software, specifically the feature adoption software, helps employees gain the required knowledge about the usage of the new features and products introduced in a more practical and economically viable manner.
  • Announcements: Statistics show that employees have a preference for in-product announcements. Using onboarding software for in-house announcements and other communication makes it easier for the employee to know about it. Use of other channels would entail the employee to assess it using other software which can be a hassle if he is in the middle of an important task.
  • Reducing feature complexity: There are times when a particular feature of software requires several steps for obtaining the desired results. These complex features can seem like a burden until one can understand its usage. Onboarding software, with its ability to walk through a use case, enables employees to understand the complex feature better.

The onboarding software can also be used in many other innovative ways to enhance the learning capability of employees, ensure better productivity thereby leading to better revenues.