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Company Inventing In The Fastest And Most Convenient Way To Capture Pictures From Smartphones

People are obsessed with making things easier and better. Can’t blame them now, can we? Since almost all people are becoming so lazy and demands for easier technology are increasing, companies are more inclined to create better stuff that makes life easier.

Through Specific Mobile Applications:

App creators are also getting creative with their upgrades. Many Apps enhance the functions of other apps and hardware or just make them better by recreating them like App lock. Locking your phone is already a present feature in your phone and App lock takes this feature to the next level by locking photos, apps, videos of your choice. This customized and extra security makes it easier and better for people.

The next example is the Smart Alarm Clock, same as the App lock your phone already has an alarm feature but what this app does is make sure that the alarm wakes you up by letting you stop the alarm if you solve a math problem. Instead of hitting snooze and probably going back to sleep, this app allows you to use your brain hence, waking you up. You can also shake your phone 20 times and stuff like that. The alarm is customizable with better labeling, sound, and snooze control.

This is how Apps and certain technologies like Alexa, Robotic Vacuums, etc. make lifestyle easy.

What is CAMAPP?

CAMAPP is an app created to make it easier to take photos. Now you might be thinking, “how can taking photos become easier?” Well, turns out it does. CAMAPP allows a person to take photos, videos without having to use the shutter. All camera apps require clicking or holding the shutter to take photos and videos but with this app, you can just click anywhere on the screen and start recording. Double-tap to take a photo! Take a photo while recording too with just a tap on the screen. This is meant to make it easier and more convenient for users.

Should you go for it?

When you think of CAMAPP, it does capture the moment fast. Sometimes, you miss a moment because the shutter and all might take a little time. It might not seem like a big deal but it can be when you can’t capture your cat sleeping in a weird way.

CAMAPP makes taking photos fast, convenient, and is just easier!