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Best Free Travel Journal Apps for iPhone & Android

Traveling is a passion for many, whether it’s exploring exotic destinations or simply taking a weekend getaway. One of the best ways to capture the magic of your journeys is by keeping a travel journal. In today’s digital age, there are several free travel journal apps available for both iPhone and Android users that make documenting your adventures easier and more convenient than ever. In this article, we’ll introduce you to five of the best free travel journal apps for iPhone & Android: Trotter It, Travel Facets, TravelMap, Jauntlet, and Traveldays.

  1. Trotter It

Trotter It is an exceptional travel journal app designed to help you document your journeys and create beautiful travelogues. Available for both iPhone and Android, it offers various features to make your travel experience memorable.

Key Features:

Geo-tagging: Trotter It uses GPS to track your location, allowing you to automatically tag your entries with the places you visit.

Customizable Journals: Create unique journals for each of your trips, and customize them with cover photos and titles.

Multimedia Integration: Easily add photos, videos, and voice recordings to your entries, giving your journal a multimedia touch.

Offline Mode: Write journal entries even without an internet connection, ensuring that you can document your experiences in remote areas.

Export and Sharing: Share your travel journals on social media or export them as PDFs, making it easy to share your adventures with friends and family.

Download on Google Play Store | Apple App Store

  1. Travel Facets

Travel Facets is a versatile travel journal app available for both iPhone and Android devices. It not only helps you create a digital diary of your travels but also offers a range of useful features for travelers.

Key Features:

Mapping: Travel Facets allows you to map your journeys and track your routes, providing a visual representation of your travel adventures.

Photo Sharing: Seamlessly integrate your photos into your journal entries and share them with friends and followers.

Weather Updates: Stay informed about the weather conditions in the places you’re visiting, helping you plan your activities accordingly.

Travel Statistics: Gain insights into your travel history, such as the number of countries visited and miles traveled.

Privacy Settings: Control who can see your travel journal by adjusting the privacy settings for each entry.

  1. TravelMap

TravelMap is a popular travel journal app for iPhone and Android users who love to document their trips with an interactive map. With its map-centric approach, TravelMap offers a unique way to showcase your travel stories.

Key Features:

Interactive Map: Create a personalized map of your journeys with pins, photos, and descriptions for each destination you visit.

Offline Mode: Document your travels even when you’re in remote areas without internet access, and sync your data later.

Community and Inspiration: Explore other travelers’ maps for inspiration and connect with like-minded adventurers.

Privacy Control: Share your travel map with selected friends and family or keep it entirely private.

Export and Printing: Turn your digital travel map into a beautiful physical souvenir by printing it as a poster.

  1. Jauntlet

Jauntlet is a simple yet effective travel journal app available for iPhone and Android. It focuses on the art of storytelling and encourages users to share their travel experiences through beautifully crafted stories.

Key Features:

Storytelling: Jauntlet allows you to write stories about your trips, adding a narrative element to your travel journal.

Photo Integration: Embed photos into your stories, enhancing the visual appeal of your entries.

Comments and Interactions: Engage with other users by leaving comments on their stories and following their journeys.

Real-time Updates: Share your adventures in real-time with friends and family as you travel, keeping them updated on your whereabouts and experiences.

Collaborative Journals: Create collaborative travel journals with fellow travelers, making it a great tool for group trips.

  1. Traveldays

Traveldays is a user-friendly travel journal app available for both iPhone and Android users. It offers a straightforward and organized way to document your trips with text and photos.

Key Features:

Day-by-Day Journaling: Record your travel experiences day by day, creating a chronological journal of your trip.

Photo Albums: Organize your travel photos into albums, making it easy to revisit memories from specific days or locations.

Offline Support: Write journal entries without an internet connection and sync them when you’re back online.

Customizable Templates: Choose from various templates to give your travel journal a unique look and feel.

Export and Backup: Safeguard your memories by exporting your journal and creating backups for safekeeping.


Whether you’re a seasoned globetrotter or a casual traveler, these five free travel journal apps for iPhone and Android offer fantastic ways to document your adventures. From mapping your journeys to storytelling and multimedia integration, these apps provide various features to help you create and share your travel experiences. Choose the one that best suits your style and start capturing the magic of your journeys in a digital travel journal today. Happy travels!