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Benefits of Utilising iPECS for Your Business

An iPECS phone system is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline all your business communication requirements. With advanced tools for calls, chat, and collaboration, iPECS aims to provide you with a simplified digital workplace where everyone in your team can work together seamlessly.

Integrating iPECS into your systems will allow you to enjoy the following benefits:

Seamless Collaboration

iPECS is a dynamic cloud phone solution that allows you to provide your members with a versatile and remote work option. So whether your team works from a single location or multiple places, in-office or remotely, the iPECS system ensures effortless cloud access from any device.

Cost Savings

In the business industry, there are situations when seeking assistance from professionals outside your organisation, such as IT support services, becomes necessary. However, external calls can incur significant costs that may take up a huge chunk of your business funds.

Conversely, iPECS can help eliminate the need for outdated hardware that requires regular maintenance and replacement, allowing you to save up for more critical business operations. iPECS’s cloud-based systems offer hassle-free and up-to-date communication solutions.

Team Unification

Working with a team inside one office already entails a tonne of effort and dedication. How much more if the members you are collaborating with are working remotely?

However, with iPECs’s communication tools, including voice calls, video conferences, instant messaging, screen sharing, and file sharing, you can facilitate a more streamlined collaboration process.

These features are also available on any device, providing your team with the flexibility to collaborate efficiently, regardless of their location.

User-Friendly Solution

In an increasingly digital world, not everyone is naturally inclined to be tech-savvy. Learning new technologies can pose challenges and consume valuable time for some individuals. Thankfully, iPECS offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface. Its consistent look and functionality across all devices minimise the learning curve, enabling your team to quickly adapt and master the system with ease.


Different teams and businesses require different approaches. iPECS is designed to let you customise your business’s everyday telecommunications. The user-friendly controls of iPECS allow you to personalise its interface according to the specific requirements of your organisation.

Enhance Security

Security is an ongoing concern that came along with the digitalisation of many business operations. However, iPECS’s infrastructure addresses this challenge by operating through highly secure and resilient data centres.

Opting for this cloud-based solution allows you to confidently delegate the management of your phone system, ensuring that your communications remain in trustworthy hands.

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