Being Smart When Getting a Smartphone

Smartphones are everywhere, and everybody has one, but not all are of the same quality. If you want to get a new smartphone, ensure you get one that will fully serve you for a long time. To get a smartphone, you need to do the following;

Know what you need

A smartphone can be used for several functions, and the first thing you ought to do is set your priorities right. If you want a smartphone for chatting using WhatsApp, and taking some pictures for posting on social media, you need a simple, and cheap phone.

For gaming experiences, you will probably need a better phone that may be a bit more expensive. Knowing why you are buying a phone will help you narrow down the list of smartphones that you can buy.

After setting your priorities, the next thing is getting to know about the smartphone’s features and checking out which phone will best fit your purpose. A tech review site can help with reviewing the smartphone’s features, and you should be on the lookout for the following;

Operating system

The latest versions of the android smartphones are Android 9 pie, and Android 10, and when looking for a smartphone, it would be best if you focus only on the two versions. The older versions are Nougat, and Marshmellow which are outdated, so avoid smartphones with such versions.


The size matters a lot, depending on what you want. If you prefer a smartphone that is easy to carry around, you can go for a small size. If you love gaming or fancy HD graphics, never go under 5.7 inches, as it may compromise the experience.

Processor and Ram

The processor affects the device’s performance, so you should look at the processor operating the phone. The smartphones that are considered good are, Qualcomm, Mediatek, and Kirin (Huawei phones).

The ram is also important, and the bigger the ram, the better as it enhances the smartphone’s functionality, and speed.

Internal storage

It depends on what you are planning to store on the device. If you plan to use the tool to store movies, music, and heavy apps, you should consider getting a phone with 128GB, or 256GB. If you do not have a lot of files to store, 64 GB is enough.

Battery Life

Battery life is an essential consideration, especially if you stay far away from a place where you can charge it. The factors that affect battery life include, screen resolution, battery’s mAh, and the processors.

Higher-resolution drains the battery, while the latest processors help increase the battery life. The standard battery’s mAh is 4000mAh, so look out for this mAh when getting a smartphone.

Camera’s quality

If you want to take quality pictures with your smartphone, you got to be on the lookout for the camera’s quality. Some features you can consider include, megapixels, lens quality, and pixel size.

Compare price to performance.

To conclude, I will advise you to check whether the smartphone’s price matches their quality. Pay for a reasonable price for the smartphone’s features.