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An Advanced Guide How to Easily Register Brand Name Online

A form of a signature that gives credit to the owner of any work of service is a brand name. Strategically, nowadays brand names are most often thought-out marketing tools geared towards the establishment of consumer awareness and loyalty fostering brand. Brans is very important for your product and services. The two major purposes of brand names are identification, to differentiate with other products and services. Another purpose is its verification, simply to authenticate your service and product is genuine.

A brand name is for consumers use to identify the authenticity and provenance of things they consume. Registration of brand in the pknic domain and UKnic domain is easy that provides several benefits to your brand. You should register your brand name to protect your business and its success with the right agencies. You need to select a business name that reflects brand identity and make sure that it does not clash with types of services and goods.

Brand name registration is also known as trademark registration of your business. It can simply protect the name of the business at a state level. All it depends on the business structure and location. There are several companies which provide service and products similar. The brand name or trademark is the one which creates differences and representation of your business. The advance way of registration of the brand name is mentioned here.

Selection of brand name:

You need to first understand your business and search for different known brands in the market. You should come up with a quirky and whacky brand name, as it is your business representation. It also attracts customers. Everyone wants a name that may help in a quick search to make sure that no other is using the name.

Make the brand name application:

After the selection of the brand name, the next step is filling the application form. There are different forms of registration. Find some authentic application for its registration. It requires money for registration and consumes time well. This also depends on the business type. There are now online applications available, you need to just fill the form for registration and its fees.

Examine the brand name registration application:

You need to make sure that the brand name complies with the law and not conflict or dispute with other registered and pending brands. Another step after the examination is its marketing. The logo or brand name is published in a well-known journal to make it familiar with the people.

Issuance of brand name registration certificate:

The process of registration of the brand name of your business is time taking. It takes 10-15 months. When it is accepted, then the validation period is long approx. 10 years. The process is a lengthy and little heavy on the pocket, but it is worth the investment of protecting legally our brand. You need to make sure that the domain you register should be authentic and provide benefits to your brand:


The brand name registration is essential for the future of your business. It helps in the long run and protect from threats. This registration makes efforts into building your brand from the ground up. Make sure that the registration lends your lawful protection against being copied.