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The term “DVR” is not new to anyone and neither are its features. However, the reinvention of things more successfully and effectively is what gives a company edge over its competitors. Amazon has also tried to achieve this through the reinvention of DVR.

In a nutshell, Amazon Fire TV Recast, which was not shipped until mid-November has allowed free “over-the-air” programming from established networks like BBC, FOX etc.

Amazon has decided to sell the device in two different versions.

  • Model 1: Priced at $229 allowing recording of two programmes at a time, (storing 500 GB)
  • Model 2: Priced at $279 allowing recording of four programmes at a time, (storing 1TB)

It would be fair enough to claim that the second version seems more tempting. Just $50 more than the first version, but the benefits are large enough to exceed the cost.

The functioning of this device is very much similar to that of Tablo OTA DVR, connecting your antenna and router:-

  • You are supposed to download the “Fire TV” app on your mobile phone. Then you use your Amazon Fire TV stick to recast.
  • You can also connect the TV recast with the Fire TV and accordingly command the Alexa to change channels, record, pause etc.

Recast undoubtedly has been a revelation in the world of digital recording:

  • Just a TV Antenna, a fire TV stick and access to free fire TV app, this is all you need to watch and record on the air TV networks at home or on the go, without any monthly fees.
  • An additional subscription guide need not be purchased which is included in its base price. Therefore, it is claimed to be the cheapest method to obtain a premium OTA DVR.
  • Sports, news, late night shows etc. from some of the most sought-after networks across the globe can be easily accessed.
  • You can just use your voice and “Alexa” will do the job.

Better than ever before! 

  • This time around, the Recast does not need an HDMI port to stick it to TV.  Therefore, it can be placed anywhere in the house for the live stream. This idea of networking is not new to startups like Tablo. However, with Amazon going down this route at a reasonable price makes it a nice bargain.

  • The setup process in the Fire TV mobile app allows you to find the “ideal” place where the network strength is best.

  • An improved setup process in this Amazon’s blockbuster device has resulted in an improved Wifi performance. A sharp optimisation has ensured that it streams to any device at home. In fact, once the recast is set up, it detects all the devices with fire TV streaming in the main network.

  • Its functioning has been made rather easier by allowing you to simultaneously access to live programming as well as your recordings with its special, dedicated DVR menu.

One of the most striking things about this device is “no monthly fees” for providing services. Two of its major rivals, Tivo and Tablo, charge $6.99 and $4.99 respectively as their monthly fees for the provision of services. This uniqueness of Amazon recast gives it a serious edge. This is so because Amazon buys data from a metadata provider, which makes the data available to Amazon at zero cost.

There is a glimpse of some of the physical features of Amazon TV recast:

Size: 7.1” x 7.1” x 2.9” (180 mm x 180 mm x 73 mm)

Weight: 2.4 lbs (1066 g)

Processor: Dual Core

Wi-Fi: 2.4 G Wi-Fi 2×2 Wi-Fi b/g/n and 5 G Wi-Fi 2×2 Wi-Fi a/n/ac

All those facts and features must have ensured by now that you are highly impressed by this newbie. However, as per some reviews, this device sometimes starts deleting recordings by default once the storage is fully utilised. You must mark some of your recordings protected to avoid deletion. This fault has no hiding place and does need rectification. Having said that, some meticulous usage will neutralise this one criticism with several fascinating features at a reasonable price.

The company is looking to automate the process of ad-skipping like its competitors. Moreover, it has revealed that it will soon allow consumers to connect their own hard devices for more storage. That surely will be icing on the cake.


Amazon has an intuition that this remarkable device will find itself in every household, especially when it starts to ship in India. Recording and watching TV made easier than ever before, no doubt this Amazon recast is all set to be a huge success. A couple of things could be improved, but nothing for that matter, in the world, is “perfect”. With a reasonable price, mesmerizing features and promised improvements, it’s a big “yes” to this product!

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