Amazon Kids+ is Becoming the New Favorite of the Young Generation 

Do you want your child to enjoy some screen time but learn something from it too? At times when going outside is a big no-no, you need something to keep your child engaged but which would be creative, offer a learning environment, and keep them busy. Amazon kids+ is the way to go, formally known as the ‘fire for kids unlimited’. 

This is based on content that will not only help in expanding their experience but would offer fun educational content. Also, the parental control will offer you peace of mind knowing your child is watching something they can enjoy and learn from. 

The New Design Offers A New Look 

The Amazon Fire tablet software experience has been enhanced so that it could be more flexible and your child could grow with it. The home screen theme offers your child a grown-up theme and as a parent, you will be able to adjust the profile.

You get access to more than 1000 movies, books, educational apps, and shows as well. They are all super-kid friendly and new content and theme are being added. The app is very easy to handle and as a parent, you could set the time limit, web browsing, and not forget the content you want them to watch. There are different age groups for all kinds of the show mainly varying between 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12. 

The Advantages of Going for Amazon kids+  

There are so many benefits to enjoy with Amazon kids+ where you could easily access what your little kid is watching. From the dashboard, you could control everything. With the dashboard, you can pause the device and then download what your child loves to watch. There are so many kid-friendly books, movies to look out for. Downloading them allows your child to watch them even when the WI-FI is not working. 

Family Packages Save You Lot 

If you have a Prime membership, you get special discounts on Amazon kids+ membership. There are options for a family pack where you could add up to 4 children and you could set up 4 different accounts. Each account could have access to different shows depending on what your child prefers to watch. 

Therefore, Amazon kids+ have changed the way children are watching television or even tablets now. With family packs you get bigger discounts, saving a lot. It is fun, educational, and creative and keeps them busy when they are stuck at home during these tough times.