Advantages/Disadvantages of using existing WordPress theme?

WordPress is a free software that manages content through open source. The main function of WordPress is to create, alter and preserve a website. WordPress can also include plugins and themes. 

WordPress is widely used by many businesses to build and maintain their websites. There are many advantages and disadvantages to use WordPress in existing themes; so, let’s have a look at them. 

Advantages of using Existing Theme in WordPress

Small Businesses Support – With little to no experience and limited funds; small businesses and organisations can get hold of a premade theme. They are in control on whether they want to spend their funds or not. 

Budget Friendly – Some WordPress themes are free, and some can be purchased. So, there is a theme available that fits everyone’s budget. 

Pages Alterations–Pre-made themes can give the website owners the flexibility to add and remove webpages easily. 

International Audience – The themes are compatible with different languages, so it doesn’t have to be in plain English. Other languages can be chosen so you can also include international customers. 

Mobile Friendly –Majority of WordPress themes automatically compatible with mobiles. 

Functions – in a pre-made template you can get all the functions that you desire. For example, if your business is ecommerce based then WordPress allows you easily to implement e-commerce plugins. 

Categorized Themes – There is a wide range of themes available. So, every type of business can implement a theme that is suitable to them. 

Plugins – There are over thousands of plugins to choose from and install upon you on choice in accordance with the business’s nature. 

Disadvantages of using Existing Theme in WordPress

Complications – Individuals that don’ t have a lot of experience with WordPress can really mess up the theme. With pre-made themes for new starters; it probably better to hire a professional. 

Structure Limitation – Pre-made themes limit the user within a structure that they must follow throughout their website. If business owners want to make their website, look unique then pre-made themes are not for you. 

Compatibility Problem– Not all themes allow designers or individuals building the website install the desired plugins. On many occasions you will be successful installing the plugin in the theme but will release in the review stage that it looks out of place. Like this you might need to install many plugins before you find the one that fits perfectly with the website. 

Security – There is high security concerns with using prebuilt themes. 

Bugs – As WordPress uses open-source coding; this means that anyone can view the code. Plugins must be kept up to date to avoid manipulation. 

Time consumption – While making your theme personalise to your business; it is a lengthy procedure and will release you have ended up sending a lot of time on it. 

Overall, we can see there are many pros and cons to use a WordPress existing theme. It all comes down to what you want. What is your vision for the website? You would need to brainstorm your budget, the appearance, and the functions to help figure out the best options for your website. 

If you really want to design a WordPress website using existing theme, please don’t hesitate to contact us.