A Beginners Guide to TV Streaming


Here are the best cable TV alternatives. TV streaming is at an all-time high in 2021. With most people spending time at home over the lockdown period, they seek various ways to keep entertained. So far, nothing has proved reliable, like finding the best shows to binge-watch.

Gone is the period when everyone would wait for the selections of the cable TVs. Instead, everyone is looking for on-demand content. Whether you are into sports, politics, economics, fashion, or more, you can always get your ideal content at any time.

Here are some of the important aspects to know about TV streaming.

What do you need to start streaming?

While streaming TV might sound technical, it’s a straightforward endeavor. You most probably have everything at home you need to start streaming. These include;

  • Fast internet

You need stable internet to access the various streaming sites. The video quality you get depends on the internet strength. For example, you need 25mbps internet speeds for 4k or HDR video quality. HD videos require 5mbps while Standard definition (SD) works with 3mbps.

Most consumers currently use the HD video quality. The SD seems obsolete while the 4K resolution is on the higher end of the spectrum. Use cable tv services DeMotte, IN like fast.com to establish your internet speeds.

  • Streaming devices

Once you have the stable internet, you now need a device from which you will access the video content. One of the most widespread options is the streaming devices that allow you to transform your TV into a streaming device.

Amazon Fire TV and Roku are currently the most popular streaming devices. What’s new on netflix?

If you have a smart TV with access to the internet, then you might not need to buy the streaming device. You only need to install various apps on the device. 

Those with gaming consoles can also use them for streaming. 

TV Streaming Services

With over 100 streaming services, choosing the ideal one becomes a tricky task. Still, some of them have set themselves apart as the best cable TV alternatives with unprecedented success. The three main on-demand TV streaming services are Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video. 

With the several streaming services available, you get to choose your ideal option depending on the content you like. For example, you can opt for ESPN if you are looking for sports and Disney+ for kids.

Don’t worry if you have a diverse taste. Opt for the online cable TV-like streaming services like YouTube, Sling TV and Hulu + Live TV. 

Most of the TV streaming services are affordable. They also have a wide variety of content such that you never run out of something to watch. Some also support multiple streaming device access for convenience. Otherwise free to air channels are available too.

The best cable TV alternatives you can buy today

So what is the best alternative to cable? Gone are the days when you would flip over various channels looking for the right content. TV streaming allows you full control on the content you consume. You also get the liberty to pause, forward or rewind as you wish. Do you wish to download a TV show for later viewing? TV streaming services have got you.