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5 Reasons You Need Microsoft Teams

Since its launch in 2017, Microsoft Teams has been adopted by 75 million daily users, including more than half a million companies and organisations. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for remote systems skyrocketed, doubling the install base in just a single month! To see why you should be jumping on the bandwagon (if you haven’t already), let’s take a look at the five best reasons for signing up for Microsoft Teams.

1)  Eliminates the need for a physical workplace

First, a disclaimer: Not all workplaces can make a 100% move to an online workplace; however, even those that can’t most likely could shift a significant portion of their workforce to the digital realm. Regardless of whether you want (or need) to commit entirely to a digital workplace, there are inarguably a lot of benefits to be gained by making the change, which we will cover in the next two points.

2)  Financial benefits

Land costs money. So does electricity, insurance, water, gas, you name it. One of the biggest benefits of implementing Microsoft Teams is the reduced cost to your company. Additionally, the majority of people want to work home even after the COVID-19 pandemic has ended, with 54% of adults wanting to work remotely most of the time after the pandemic, according to a new study from IBM.

Indeed, the financial benefits cut both ways; for example, a single mother or father working from an office may now be able to save costs on sending young children to a crèche or nursery. It also allows workers to strengthen bonds with their kids during a crucial part of emotional development.

3)  Health benefits

Staying healthy is a priority for everyone. During a pandemic, we have come to realise just how true this rings home. Maintaining social distancing by implementing Microsoft Teams is an excellent way to keep your employees in touch without jeopardising their health.

The health benefits transcend company sizes. With Microsoft Teams monitoring 10,000 or more employees for more than 150 companies, even agile companies with just a handful of employees have a lot to gain by this cutting-edge technology. When it comes to ensuring the health and safety of your employees, there’s now no excuse.

4)  Increased productivity

In case all of those health benefits and financial incentives weren’t enough, you will also be pleased to know that you won’t need to worry about sacrificing your employees’ work output; in fact, according to a report by Aon Consulting, it was shown that a remote team is capable of increasing productivity by up to 43%!

Files can easily and instantly be shared, new employees are instantly given access to conversations prior to their employment, and people from all over the world are able to communicate with each other in real-time. With all this in mind, it’s easy to see why tens of millions of users are adopting the technology.

5)  Office 365 applications are seamlessly integrated

One aspect of Microsoft Teams that is exclusive from all other software is its ability to seamlessly integrate Office 365 applications without the hassle of switching back and forth between applications. You can view and change your documents within Microsoft Teams in real-time without having to constantly upload and download files. Such a mechanism will also prevent users from accidentally getting edit conflicts.

So there you have it – the top 5 reasons why you need Microsoft Teams. What are you waiting for?