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5 Reasons to Hire an Seo Content Writer

Do you think that customers are only obtained with ads? Or do you think that social networks are the most effective channel to capture leads? If so far you only use your website as a showcase to show your services, know that above 50% of the traffic of a website comes from organic search results.

In other words, the biggest source of traffic is Google. Social networks only represent 10%. So how can you increase the organic traffic of your website? The answer falls by its own weight: you should hire an seo copywriter. Don’t you know what an SEO copywriter is or does? An SEO writer creates articles optimized for search engines, and ensures that these solve users’ doubts, are easy to find, and improve the positioning of your website.

Now, if these don’t seem like enough reasons, read the following article to understand how a content writer can help you. Here are the reasons to hire an SEO copywriter:

  1. Get Your Brand to Generate Trust and Credibility
  2. Give Your Readers a Better Experience
  3. An Seo Writer Positions Your Articles in Google
  4. Write Content That Interests Your Audience
  5. Learn About SEO Writing Best Practices

Get Your Brand to Generate Trust and Credibility

Think about how many companies sell exactly what you offer. Why should they buy from you? Should they buy from you because YOU say you are the best? In such a competitive market, you must differentiate yourself if you want to survive. By hiring an experienced SEO copywriter, your brand will start to build trust and credibility. If only one of your articles solves a question or helps them achieve a goal, you will have won a recurring visit or a potential client. If you upload content optimized and useful for users to your website, your brand will start to become an authority. And once you become an authority in your industry, selling becomes easier.

Give Your Readers a Better Experience

Did you know that in 2019 Google updated its algorithm? This is called BERT and it came to change the rules of the game.

Thanks to this update, Google now favors websites with readable and relevant content. If the SEO texts on your website provide a better user experience than your competition, you will get better positioning.

In addition to knowing about SEO, a content writer is still just that: a copywriter. That is, he knows how to communicate ideas so that the reader understands them and the reading is enjoyable.

An Seo Writer Positions Your Articles in Google

Have you ever written an article for your business blog? Did it appear or rank in Google for the keyword you were interested in? If you made it, congratulations. You have a talent for writing and you know the keywords in your industry. However, if you are part of that vast majority that did not see results, don’t feel bad. After all, it’s like asking a copywriter to run your business. He just won’t do it right. Shoemaker to his shoe.

An SEO copywriters for hire are in charge of optimizing articles so that they can appear on the first page of Google. In this way, your website gains greater visibility, more organic traffic, and a better ranking in search engines. To write an SEO article that is positioned in Google you must:

  1. Include the keyword in the title.
  2. Add and optimize images every 200 words.
  3. Optimize the title and meta description.
  4. Add H2 and H3.
  5. Include semantically related keywords.
  6. Define the length of the article.
  7. Add internal and external links.
  8. Optimize content for featured snippets.

Write Content That Interests Your Audience

A true SEO copywriter will not write exactly what you ask because, although it hurts to admit, the client is not always right. You know what your brand needs. The SEO copywriter knows what your audience needs so that they can find you on Google.

You know what your brand needs. The SEO copywriter knows what your audience needs so that they can find you on Google. The job of the SEO writer is to bring organic traffic to your website. That’s what you pay for. However, if you write an article that receives zero visits. Who do you think will be the culprit?

Learn About SEO Writing Best Practices

An SEO copywriter never stops learning about web positioning. Learn about the best practices that become a trend every year. And it is that the best techniques and resources that worked a few years ago are now obsolete.


Repeating a keyword throughout an article does not rank a page. Now it is recommended to use synonyms or words within the semantic field of your main keyword so that Google understands what your article is about. Up-to-date professional SEO copywriters also know that 2020 is the year of voice search. Therefore, it is crucial that the contents are optimized for this and are useful for the users.


Hiring a content writer who knows about web positioning and has experience is a necessity within modern companies. In addition to spending less money in the long run, you will get brand awareness, credibility, and more organic traffic. Remember that the copywriter must know about SEO. Otherwise, you will have to optimize the content on your own or hire another professional.