5 Ideas To Start Vlogging On Youtube For Money

Vlog or video blog appeared on Youtube in 2005, and to this date, vlogging is not merely a hobby or an interest.

 It has become a job and really can bring in serious cash. You also want to start your own Youtube channel but haven’t known what to do?

You ask yourself how to vlog on youtube and make money.

Here are 5 Ideas to Start Vlogging on YouTube for Money:

1. Trending vlogs

If you haven’t known what to do yet, recording trending vlog is a great way to roll up your sleeves. You can take advantage of the current interest of the network community about something.

To know what people like to see these days, you hit the Trending Video tab on Youtube. Then quickly make one vlog related to that “something”. When people search, your video is also included in results.

Another way is you can look around to see what Youtubers in your niche are doing or talking; you can take similar ideas to take part in that trend. Or you can base on recommended videos next to yours.

One more abundant source of ideas is viral videos. You can find that easily on social networks and do one vlog like one of those. You know, the trend is widespread, and everyone knows to stick on that as well.

Besides the main content, you should add details which make your vlog creative and outstanding. Thus, you can get more attention, videos will get more views, and more money will run into your channel.

2. Funny vlog

Anyone love to watch funny videos because it helps them to relax after hours of working and studying. If you can make people laugh with your video on Youtube, you can make money. The more people laugh, the more money you earn. Why? Because they will love you, watch more videos and share with other people.

Pranks are never out-dated on Youtube, and by pranking your family member, your friend, you can make money. Search on Youtube to see which prank people like and share a lot, and you can do that again first. Or if you have another prank which you believe is funnier and unique, just do it.

The other idea for this type of vlog is challenges. Challenge is available, no need to plan for a long time, it’s easy and fast to record, as long as you’re not afraid of doing that. Go on Google and search for “list of Youtube challenges” to choose one challenge you want to do. These challenges are entertaining to watch, and people love it.

The third idea is “reacting to” which is very popular. You will film yourself reacting to something, usually a music video, a trending video, a movie…

3. Informational vlog

You don’t need to have a doctor degree to share knowledge or information on Youtube. Everyone knows something that other people don’t. Yes, you do.

If you’re interested in any particular field, have an understanding about it, why don’t you bring it out to share with others and make money at the same time?

To be successful with the informational vlog, you should focus on one niche only and dig it deep. Don’t try to cover many fields, aiming to get various type of viewers. That way is not “how to make money with a vlog on youtube”.

In the long-term, you will be an expert in your field. When people want to know about that issue, they will come to your channel.  The idea you can start with is “How to…”.

Or else, you can review products; it’s one of the means to provide information. For example, if you love cosmetics, you can buy and review it. If that product is hot, your vlog will be found and watched more.

4. Travel vlog

It’s hard to think that we can travel and make money along the route, but it’s possible with Youtube. If you have a passion for putting your foot all around the world, travel vlog maybe your full-time job.


People love traveling; if they can’t afford for trips, they can watch your video instead. Or before they start, they may want to look for more information about the preparation, places and much more. These need never stop.

With simple idea such as “how to pack your suitcase”, “what’s in my travel bag”, or traveling tips, you can make yourself known. If you have made any trip or you’re about to make a new trip, you can record vlog and make “traveling stories”. There are so many successful YouTubers who are traveler and vlogger at the same time.

5. Beauty and Fitness Vlog

Everyone needs looking good, especially girls. They always come to beauty vlogger to get the instruction of skincare or makeup. If you love to take care of your appearance, why don’t you start your Youtube career with this and sisters never cease caring their looking?

However, there are a lot of beauty and fitness vloggers out there; you have to invest in contents, image, way of talking. Day by day, you will get a loyal line-up of subscribers.

And boys love video teaching workout to get 6-packs body. You can make a vlog of showing a workout or how to do this exercise. A quite hot topic is “eat clean” that both boys and girls love to watch.

To conclude,

Youtube is a vast field, and it’s not limited. Just find what you love, you are passionate about it and share it to the world. That’s how to make money with a vlog on youtube”. Keep calm and vlogging.