5 Common Remote Team Management Threats (and how to avoid them)

In this digital age, work from home is becoming more the norm than the exception.  If you are an independent worker like say a content writer of a web designer, then you have a lot of conveniences like your work is location independent and not travel based. However, online work has its hassles too particularly if you are into remote team management as a team head or leader. So, let us check out the pros and cons of remote team management and their antidotes.

  1. Problems in managing meeting times

If webinars are scheduled, the most common problem among a virtual team may be the different time zones if your employees are spread across the country or continents. It can be pretty tough in urgent cases of work when it is night in someone’s place and day at the other end. So, how to deal with such a situation? It is always better to talk to your employees and keep a regular webinar at a common time which is convenient for all, rather than holding random meetings.

  1. According to Global Workplace Analytics, there can be a solution to every problem of e-teams and virtual working. The linguistics also play a pivotal role in team interaction while working online. So, it is of prime importance that they understand each other’s languages for work communication. Sharing notes about each one’s natives in off times can help build comfort zones for successful project works.
  2. Trust and dependability issues

These are major factors when you are working with a fully web-based team. One aspect about the virtual working is the camaraderie that is missing in a regular work station. Giving good feedbacks and reviews about each other help to build a feeling of harmony and create a good ambience in the work family. The tracking computer software also helps in this issue in monitoring the employee data base.

  1. Conflicts and chaos

The differences between colleagues are common but very noticeable in regular work stations but not at all demarcated in web-based groups. So, it is very important to have a very cordial rapport with your colleagues and talk things out smoothly. Watching group messages or emoticons or typed texts can be a sure sign of a colleague’s disgruntlement. The manager needs to be alert to smoothen things out amicably and check in occasionally with individual team members.

  1. Work

It is always difficult to work with each other, particularly if network is constantly disrupted. This is where the advanced employee monitoring program comes in very helpful.