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4 Most Essential Computer Maintenance Tasks That Every Employee Should Do

Every modern-day enterprise relies on a computer. There are worse things that could happen on computer devices, including servers and networks, without proper maintenance. Thus paying for IT maintenance in Singapore is essential for administering and handling computer devices and IT systems.

Damage repairs and replacement can cost more, and it’s the case if your business uses a data centre. Even simple computer maintenance should be part of your daily work routine. Maintenance does make a difference, and without further ado, here is some essential computer maintenance that every employee should do:

Ensure that unauthorised programs are not running in the system

Every Singapore IT maintenance firm can tell that unauthorised programs can risk your computer system. To avoid unsuspected cyber-attacks or malware, each employee should ensure that unauthorised programs are not permitted to be downloaded and run in the system. Consider monitoring installation and packet logs to avoid the problem.

Update AVs and firewall

Every enterprise computer system will need strong protection against malware, spyware, and even potential cyber-attacks. Updating your system’s anti-virus and firewall prevents malicious attempts of software. Even if you are careful with what software or emails you open, having such programs is still crucial for a better security strategy.

Know how to backup data

Your business data is one of the most crucial assets and yet fragile. It’s prone to corruption and file damages, and even deletion attempts. While you can pay for IT maintenance in Singapore to help you recover missing or corrupted data files, you wouldn’t want to risk it if you have the chance to secure a backup should the worst case happen. Consider having backup data every once in a while.

Install major updates

‘Major’ software or OS updates are more than just a notification nuisance. It helps keep software more optimised and can fix security loopholes and critical holes. Thus, consider dedicating time to install these updates to your computer.

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