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3 Temporary Lighting Solutions for a Construction Site

When you’re in the construction business, you know how hard it can be sometimes to provide a proper working environment for you and the people working on the site. From the basic needs to machine access in places that seems impossible to reach.

Being on the construction site often requires working at night or in conditions that provide no light. Think about tunnels, basements, etc.

These places simply must be covered with light and the only way to do it is to get cables with electricity. However, creating an installation that will be there forever isn’t always an option. See more about how a proper electricity installation looks like here.

In this article, we’ll tell you in what cases you should use the temporary lighting solutions and why. Read on if you want to know more about this subject.

1. No need for permanent installation

When workers operate machines and build an object of some kind, they need light. However, there’s still no standard installation and something must be done if you want people to see and work properly.

You can’t let them work in the dark, right? The solution is simple. A cord long enough to get from the nearest socket and a temporary lighting solution that will be placed on nothing more than a nail in the wall. Just like old times.

This is so easy to be done that you don’t need anything else more than this. All you need to do is go to the store where these items are sold and get them together with an unusually long cord to provide the electricity.

2. Solar Panels

This option is probably the best one. It’s not always possible, though. Sometimes you need to work in places where there’s no sun or there’s no option to hang a temporary light bulb and connect it to a solar panel.

However, working on the open is the perfect opportunity to try these electricity generators. What you’ll do is place a light on a post wherever you want. On top will be a small solar panel and the bulb connected to it.

When the sun sets down, the panel will generate enough energy to cover the rest of the shift when workers do their jobs. If they need to work all night, then you’ll get a stronger panel and you’ll provide light for the entire night.

The great part is that you need no cords, no sockets, nor city electricity. There’s no need for big loud generators like hospitals use and there’s no need for expensive batteries providing enough energy for days. All you need is the sun above your head and a modern solar light bulb. Learn more about solar panels here:

3. Lithium batteries

If there is an occasional need for light, then you can go with battery lamps. Not like those we see in Harrison Ford movies when a light is turned on for days in the jungle, but the ones who will be hanged in the site where people work and need lighting occasionally.

During the winters there’s no option for solar panels as there are not enough sunny days. If the city electricity network is also not an option, then the only thing that’s left is providing a batter that will be connected to a light bulb.

This may be a more expensive solution than others, especially if you need to work for months on one place, but it’s the most convenient way of providing power as there’s no need for digging holes and places posts in the ground, no need for miles of cords to get electricity from one place to another, and can always be switched from one place to another when needed.


These three options are a must to consider when you’re about to work long hours or in places where visibility is low. The batteries, the temporary solar lights, and temporary installations are the best options. If not the only options you have.

Choose what’s best for your needs and fits the description best. When you do this, make sure you’re certain of your choice because all these investments are not so affordable that they can be done daily.