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15 Best Static Residential Proxies [the best static residential

In this article, I will introduce you to the 15 best static residential proxies providers! Read our new article to know more!


The number 1 –  (

If you are looking for static residential proxies to help you scrape the web for data or achieve whatever goal you’re trying to achieve, then we recommend checking out ProxyEmpire’s static residential proxies.

These guys provide proxies in more than 170 countries, and they have split them up into different categories so that you can take advantage of their mobile, residential, and trusted proxies. They also rotate their proxies automatically for you so you don’t have to think about switching one proxy out for another because they’ll do this on their end automatically.

Their pricing for static residential proxies begins at $2 per dedicated IP / month, (18+ countries are available):

Other ISP static residential proxy providers:

2) Smartproxy (expensive)

Smart Proxy helps you stay anonymous on the internet by giving you different types of proxies to choose from depending on what kind of scraping you are doing. Our company offers 195 locations worldwide and 50 US states so there are plenty of options if your IP address needs to be masked from filtering or for any other reason.

3) Geonode (a bit slow)

GeoNode is one of the cheapest providers of residential proxies, and unlike many suppliers, GeoNode offers only rotating residential proxies. You can trace them to real geo-locations, so you can scrape the web safely without fear of being blocked.

Proxy providers typically charge clients for bandwidth. However, what’s interesting about this provider is that it doesn’t charge its clients for bandwidth, which means that you can scrape the web without having to worry about being disconnected at some point. It’s our opinion that their proxies are affordable compared to the quality of what you get. The most affordable package costs $77 per month, and it has 50 threads; however, the most expensive plan costs $8000 per month, and has 20,000 threads.

4)   High Proxies (a bit slow)

High Proxies is one of those companies with a unique selling point. It makes clients’ lives super easy by organizing proxies into different categories, including social media and shared and private proxies. This saves time since you don’t have to look for proxies on your own. The highly anonymous HTTPS proxies come with fast connection speed and a hassle-free setup.

5)  Proxy Seller (a bit slow)

When you’re looking for a proxy service, you should be careful of what you choose. Proxy Seller is a pretty new brand, but they’re offering high-quality proxies at very cheap prices already. We can also see that they offer support for different types of proxies, which is excellent if you need help with more than one category.

6) BeeProxy (a bit slow)

BeeProxy is one of the most reputable companies where you can buy residential proxies. They sell their proxies by port rather than by bandwidth, and many of their IP addresses are located in the United States. They don’t offer a free trial but they do have a money-back guarantee.

7) PrivateProxy (a bit slow) is a residential proxy provider that is based in London, and it specializes in cloud solutions, making it one of the best proxy services out there. They got their start back in 2010, meaning that they have more than 10 years of experience in the industry.

8) Oxylabs (expensive)

Oxylabs is one of those middle-of-the-road companies that won’t wow you with a huge database of IP addresses, but it will still give you enough proxies to keep you satisfied. Our review of this residential proxy service was easy because Oxylabs is upfront and honest, and has great customer service. That’s why customers keep coming back. If you’re looking to crawl the web and want quite a few IP addresses to choose from, Oxylabs is a great option. They have more than 30 million IP addresses in their database, and they’re able to target specific cities and countries around the world.

9) SSLPrivate Proxy (a bit slow)

Private Proxies is a website that sells proxies and VPNs. Private Proxies has a variety of proxy plans made for people who want to stay anonymous, access blocked websites, keep their data private, or avoid censorship.

10) (expensive) is a proxy company based in Israel that provides residential IP addresses to researchers and marketers. Unlike other companies, they don’t rely completely on a peer-to-peer network because they seek to solve the issue of disconnection through other providers. They source their IP addresses directly from ISPs and then use a peer-to-peer network for scalability. Compared to the other companies we have talked about on this list, is relatively new but already offers more than 10 million residential IP addresses. They have shown themselves to be fast and reliable when it comes to speed.

11) Bright Data (expensive and a bit slow)

Bright Data is the leading provider of data collection solutions. We provide our users with access to 72 million IP addresses and over 2 million proxy types, from residential proxies to data center proxies. Our wide variety of pooling options includes web scraping, SERP parsing, and market intelligence. Our services are utilized by millions of users around the world for a variety of purposes. Learn more about our products and pricing!

12) Froxy

Froxy is a private proxy provider that provides instant access to super-fast private proxies and premium IP addresses. Our global pool of IPs will help you get around blocks by big corporations and geo-restricted websites. We offer affordable, reliable, and easy-to-use services.

13) Stormproxies

Stormproxies is a great choice for low-cost residential proxy options if you’re looking for a low-cost option that still allows you to remain anonymous online. We do have to say that when it comes to this provider, they only have proxies available in Europe and the United States and their pool is limited as it only offers 40,000 IP addresses. But this doesn’t mean that they are not high quality and they have consistently proved to their customers and competitors how reliable and trusty they are.

14) IPRoyal (a bit slow)

IPRoyal is a provider of medium-quality proxy services for individuals and businesses who require low levels of anonymity and security, as well as quality VPN connections. With their large pool of IPs, they can help protect your online privacy and security while allowing you to browse the web freely, reaching sites that would be blocked by other services.

15) Soax (a bit slow)

Soax is a medium-quality residential proxy provider with more than 5 million residential IP addresses that they distribute around the world. Proxy servers are great for ad verification, price monitoring, and bulk account registration, but are not good for web scraping. The proxies are fast and compatible with most websites. The IP rotation is automatic, and they also support geotargeting. You can choose a particular location when you buy your proxies, but if you want access to all locations, it will cost you more.