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1-Year Diploma Courses In Chandigarh

Do you want to advance in your career and learn a new skill set? Then the 1 year diploma courses being offered at Chandigarh is the best option for you. These 1 year diploma courses offer complete knowledge over any IT course, inclusive of industry-specific skills. Set to help you on the right career path with the right guidance and support from industry professionals. Make the most of your time and money by enrolling into these practical industries oriented courses to help enhance your skills and get an assured job. The courses are designed to cover a large amount of topics in just a span of 1 year along with proper certifications and advancements through the latest tools and techniques.

How to get a 1 year diploma in any IT course?

  1. Opt for a suitable course:

There are multiple IT courses being offered at varied institutes and companies as a 1 year diploma course. The courses being offered include the course of basic computers, website designing and development, programming languages C,C++, java, PHP, python and many more. other than these courses related to digital marketing and graphic designing and animations are also being offered. You choose amidst these wide range of courses a course or 2 to do your 1 year diploma in.

  1. Learn about the certifications:

Another aspect of these 1 year diploma courses is the certifications being provided. Only enroll at those firms who are offering you certificates that are ISO certified and registered with an authorized regulatory body. These certificates are valid and vital proof of your successful completion of the course.

  1. Get enrolled into a renowned institute or company:

Google lends you a helping hand in determining the rating and providing an honest review about a firm before you actually get enrolled in a course at that firm. These reviews help you sort the best suited option for you along with a clear perspective on the teachings and successful deployment of classes.

Benefits of 1 year diploma courses:

  1. Industry-specific courses:

Unlike degrees, these courses do not just give knowledge but provide you practical knowledge in a working environment, under industry professionals. This helps become industry ready. You get hands-on not just the scripted theory and limited syllabus, but you also learn the use of the latest tools and techniques of every industry.  These courses make you job ready.

  1. Earn more with a professional diploma:

These programs are especially designed to provide you with real-life professional skills and expertise. After the completion of your course there are multiple companies ready to provide employment to fresher diploma graduates. These courses provide you practical skills hence you will always earn more than the time and money that you invested.

  1. More relaxed entry criteria:

Unlike entrance exams and a need for a certain amount of marks, these diploma courses provide a more relaxed enrollment criteria. Anyone from a 12th pass student to a professional could enroll into these courses to learn a new skill. There is no age criteria as well hence any person can leverage the advantages imparted by these courses.

  1. Shorter programs with huge benefits:

Unlike lengthy degrees that cover a minimum of 3 years, these courses are just for 1 year. The practical nature of these courses allows them to be much more short and concise in comparison to a regular degree. Hence you learn a new skill in just no time.