Why eCommerce website design is important when developing an eCommerce website

Creating an eCommerce website is very important if you want to generate the right amount of leads and great customers. The truth is that bringing in a very good experience to customers and amazing value is exactly what you want to pursue. Which is why you want to develop an eCommerce website with quality and value in mind. The eCommerce website design can make or break the sales you generate, and here’s why.

The first impression is key

Around 75% of the users end up making acquisition judgments based on the website design and its credibility. If you develop an eCommerce website but the design is low quality, that will affect the ability to generate sales, and that can become an issue.

It boosts the user experience

A great eCommerce website design agency in Singapore will help you enhance credibility and provide more value to your users. You always want to invest in the best user experience design, since it will make your customers happy. For example, customers are more appreciative when the website design guides them to the desired product a lot quicker.

A good eCommerce website design needs to be seamless, it needs to reward your customers, while also being easy to personalise. What you want to do is to lower the number of steps clients go through until they finalise the purchase, decrease the load times and prevent broken links. You can go even further by adding very high-quality images and an appropriate description. All these tiny things can help enhance the experience for your customer, which in turn generates more sales.  

Standing out in front of your competitors

There are many websites like yours and a limited number of customers. That’s why you must have a great eCommerce website design in Singapore which stands out. If not, others will surpass you. That’s the reason why you want to create a stellar ecommerce website design, since it will grab the attention of your target customers.

You can also stand out in front of your competitors by offering unique functions and features. If you’re a writing business, you can offer a tool like Grammarly which is free. You receive more traffic, and this also generates brand awareness since people will talk more about your services. 

Using the right colour palette

You always want to ensure that you use great colours and patterns. Those will help generate more attention from your customer base. A reliable, unique approach can help when you develop an eCommerce website. Make sure that everything is consistent, and try to study the psychological aspects of each colour in order to make the most out of your presence.

For example, red is a colour associated with urgency and hunger, so it can be great for most stores, especially food establishments. Blue is a colour that inspires trust, so it’s great if you want to position yourself as a market leader. And then we have orange which is about health and attraction, purple that delivers a sense of luxury and mystery, but also black which is also related to mystery and richness.