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Why Do You Need Hippa Compliant Texting?

Let’s face it: The time spent by the patient as well as the front desk executive is time-consuming at the clock. And with one peculiar request of the patient, it can increase the queue at the desk too. But what if the whole process of appointment reminders and follow-up is digitalized? Digitalization has been realized in every industry type whether it’s booking a movie ticket or rain check on weather update while driving on the road.

The same has been realized in the medical industry through HIPAA texting. The FCC, recently, issued a ruling that helps the healthcare organizations to simply text the patients on their appointment reminder or follow-ups. 

Take a look: 

Benefits of HIPAA Texting

Patients feel more comfortable with a text appointment reminder when it comes to communicating with them in regards to their schedule. As a matter of fact, 3 out of 4 patients are more comfortable on receiving their appointment reminder through text or phone calls in order to schedule their routine without fail. 

Speaking of the benefits of HIPAA Texting, the following aids have been realized after introducing HIPAA compliant texting: 

  • Prevention of no-shows of patients or cancellations with text appointment reminder
  • The response rate improved by 75% from 2-way HIPAA texting
  • Less time spent on the phone calls for follow-ups or cancellations
  • Revenues increased by 50% at the healthcare organizations
  • Improved Patient trust and loyalty towards the organization 
  • Improved workflow at front desk systems
  • Reduces inbound calls by the patient
  • A stress-free experience for the patients

With such benefits enjoyed at both patients and front desk of the healthcare organization, HIPAA texting is widely accepted and appreciated by many physicians too. And thus, patient-centric care is realized which helps in better credibility by the organization. At the end: A reputation is best maintained with how well you communicate with your patients!