What Happens To Your CV After Clicking On The Submit Button?

You may have created a perfect CV to apply for a job. You have also checked it thoroughly to avoid mistakes. Then, the hope that potential recruiters will go through your CV and send a response. Nowadays, there is no need to have a printout of the CV, as you have to submit it online. One click on the Send button can accomplish the process. However, lots of candidates have a question- What happens to my CV after clicking on that button? Have the recruiters opened it or sent it to trash? Online recruiters use the software, like Voyager Software Australia, to manage candidates’ CVs.

Employers receive your applications

As you have clicked on the Submit button, your employers receive it. Employers get hundreds of resumes from applicants. Surely, there is no time to read all those resumes, and thus, employers may reject some of them.

Managers start analyzing resumes

After receiving CVs, online recruitment software logs them onto a data. The time and date of your application automatically become recorded. However, when you have hit the Send button, you will get an instant confirmation.

In some cases, the recruiters advertise job vacancies for different posts. For every post, employers may receive lots of applications. They will take a few seconds to make their decisions. As everything depends on the software, your CV must have keywords relevant to your job description. Make sure that your qualifications and skills are easily interpretable.

Interview with candidates

With a thorough inspection, employers shortlist some candidates based on the number of available vacancies. They contact the selected candidates with a phone call. Some recruiters may ask you to come to an interview venue, while others prefer phone interviews. Thus, the most important fact is that you must have good communication skills to impress recruiters during an interview session.

Then, you have to a few days until your employers have finalized the decisions on the candidates for employment.

The overall recruitment process becomes simple due to the use of online software. Recruitment software with full of features saves time for both employers and applicants.