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Top 6 advices to maintain high productivity in your remote team in 2021

In this pandemic induced age, the concept of digital working has become the norm rather than the exception. So, it has become a big challenge for each and every person to work from home. It is specially a mammoth task for the higher authorities to manage their team from remote locations.  So, in this article we will discuss some inputs about how to maintain quality work progress in your remote team in the forthcoming year

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1.You need to encourage each of your employees to have a separate workspace:  Working at home can be a bit of distraction at times. So, you can always motivate your employees to make a separate niche of their house as a work area which would be peaceful and comfortable to work in. Have a table, desk and chair handy along with your office accessories so that you can work comfortably as you do in your office. So, this allows you to work in peace and improve your performance. Now, another thing to be considered here is more than 75% of employees motivated to demonstrate off-site effectiveness .

  1. Set a target goal for each member. Each member of your team should be given a specific goal and target to fulfill. The work allocation should be distributed in a proportionate manner. This is the reason why some teams fulfill greater targets and have more profit margins.
  2. Use employee tracking software. While no one’s good will or credibility is in question, it is always better to have an employee tracking software to keep control over your remote team. This way you can be sure of their log in and log out and even check the task progress. It is a sure fire way to enhance productivity.
    4. Avoid distractions: The most important key is to avoid disruptions or diversions. Often when we work online, we tend to take a sneak peek at our social media accounts or whether the new movie has released. But this is not advisable. For one moment becomes an  hour and then one spends 2 hours recovering from distractions.
  3. Communication is top priority. The communication among the team members on an individual basis is very necessary for the overall working of the organization. This should be done as frequently as possible to exchange ideas and see the overall progress.
  4. Welcome out of the box ideas. Always encourage fresher and newbie workers to come forth with their innovative and out of the box ideas if any. This is the best success note of the superior employee performance in 2021.