The Role of Documentation in Software Testing

The software development is performed through a step by step approach beginning with concrete and well-articulated planning. The planning of a software development project incorporates requirements and feedback of the clients and once this is achieved the analysis of the requirement starts. Finally, when the coding is completed actual testing of software development is tested. The software testing is a crucial and essential portion of the life cycle of software development. Serious software developers like développement logiciel Consultation Cassian strictly follow these step by step processes from the beginning of planning of the project of software development to software testing.

 Software testing requires serialized and planned documentation. This is the reason most software developers concentrate on serious and regular documentation of software development from the beginning to the end. Appropriate and detailed documentation results inaccurate testing further making the processes of testing organized and easy. Eventually, the cost and time of the testing in usually minimised if appropriate documentation has been emphasized from the beginning. 

In addition to this, proper documentation also helps the client to evaluate and review the software as well as its processes. The bottom line of the importance of documentation in software development is that documentation saves money, time and efforts of the organization. For giant software development companies like Adobe, Microsoft, TCS, oracle etc. it becomes easier for them to release their new product or software with the processes of documentation which eventually makes it easier for any user to understand the software. On the other hand, poor documentation in a project of software development seriously affects the standard of software as well as its applications. 

So, the IEEE standard for software test documentation gives a detailed and clear description of their relation and function with other documents and the description of the testing document. The testing document further provides the test coverage, the required testing energy, and the condition tracing or tracking. 

There are numerous important software quality assurance documents given by the IEEE namely test design document, test case specification, test strategy, test procedure specification, test summary reports, test plan document, test log document, bug report document, document of weekly status report, test data document, user document, test problem or incident report, document of user acceptance report, test analysis, report of risk skill assessment test etc. For all who are engaged in the software development and testing should follow the standard sample templates for testing which usually contains all types of reports and documentations.