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The 7 Biggest Mobile Application Development Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

It is the time of mobile apps. Won’t you agree on this? Almost every business today is relying on its business app for attracting several users. It is also expected that the market of the mobile app is expected to grow further in the coming years. Further, it can also be expected that there will be a huge advancement in the number of mobile app downloads in the following year along with the use of mobile application development services.

The scope of leveraging benefits from mobile apps is huge and as a result, many businesses are moving towards the same. Every business is trying something innovative for attracting more users towards its brand. Moreover, the businesses are including the cloud technology services in their list for impressing their customers and enhancing their audience base.

Are all apps accepted by the users?


NO! Not all mobile apps are accepted by users. There are very few which are accepted by the users and which are retained by the user for a long time.

In fact, it has been observed that 28% of the mobile apps are deleted within just a few days of use. Can you imagine, even though it is the time when mobile apps are widely used, there are nearly 28% of apps that are deleted so frequently?

So, what is the reason behind this? Well, it is certainly the absence of cloud-based mobile application development in the formation of the apps, but it is also the many mistakes which the app developers make. Yes, the several mistakes of the mobile app developers are somewhere the concerning reasons for the deletion of the mobile apps.

Common mistakes made:


Are you aware of the common mistakes made during the development of mobile apps? If not, then you are in the right place. Other than making the app interesting, innovative and user-friendly, these are some of the common mistakes which should be avoided during mobile app development:


  • Irrelevant market research:



The biggest mistake that can be made with mobile app development is not doing proper market research before developing the app. It is like you are developing the app without knowing what the users and your audience want and need. This also prevents in delivering the best mobile application development services to the users.

It is quite very essential to properly analyze the market for being sure about the needs and likings of the audience. Also, doing detailed market research will help you to be sure that you are moving ahead in the required correct direction. This will prove to be a beneficial step to lay the proper foundation for the development of the app which will increase user retention.


  • No idea of the budget:



You are planning to deliver the best of cloud technology services to your audience but suddenly fall short of the required budget. Just imagine this scenario and the bad impact that it will create.

All this can happen because of the simple fact that you didn’t get the required idea about the budget of your app development. There are a lot of factors that require your attention in terms of budget and you should consider each one of them with the required determination. Estimating the required budget before-hand will help in moving forward with app development without any hassles.


  • Not giving attention to MVP:



MVP or minimal viable product is simply a process that helps the app developers to test their app in real-time situations within the targeted customer base. This also helps them to analyze the performance of the app even before it is released. Further, it is also easy to make any necessary changes in the app, according to the feedback.

Thus, ignoring this essential process can lead to having a non-satisfying app for the users. You should focus on the feedback of your audience base, followed by the formation of your app according to that.


  • Including too many features:



It is okay that you are designing your app for offering some innovative and interesting features to your users, but overcrowding the app with too many features is a big no. You should focus on the cloud-based mobile application development process and should include only the required features in the app. 

Make sure you are not overcrowding your app with many features as it may make the users lose their interest in the app.


  • Not testing the app:



One of the other common mistakes that the app developers can do with the app development is not giving the needed attention to the app testing. This may cause an app with many mistakes and errors to reach the audience. 

However, on the other hand, thoroughly testing your app will give you an insight into the areas where your app is lacking and then you can work on correcting them. Make sure you are testing your app thoroughly for the best results.


  • Not focusing on the reviews:


The reviews of the customers about the mobile application development services delivered to them are their voices about the services. Your audience tries to reflect on their experience via their reviews about the app. Thus, ignoring the same can cause a lot of problems in the success of your app.

You may never come to know about the opinions of your customers if you keep ignoring their opinions and feedbacks. Therefore, you should keep the reviews of your audience well-focused while developing the apps.


  • No regular updates:


Not being frequent with the required updates of your app is also one of the common mistakes that are made. The world is changing very rapidly and if you fail to change along you will miss a lot on the work front. With regular updates, you can fix the upcoming errors and issues with your app and thus can serve your audience base with only the best cloud technology services.


It is quite easy to make an app but it is extremely difficult to keep your audience stick with the app. Make sure to invest enough time on the cloud-based mobile application development process for being sure that you are developing an app that will impress its users.

Write to us, any of your doubts and concerns related to the app development process. We will be more than happy to serve you with the best information and details.