Should Businesses Focus More On Social Media?

In this day and age, there are more and more businesses being made, the main purpose of a business is to provide goods or services, or in some cases both. We are going to look at the benefits of both service and product based businesses and how social media can improve both online. 

Service retailing is where a business is set up to provide a service, this includes things such as law firms, estate agents, hairdressers, barbers, mechanics etc. The extended marketing mix is an important factor for these businesses; this includes aspects such as People/Staff, Physical products and the process of buying the product/service. Social Media is hugely important to enable business to showcase their services and build a new client base online. 

When looking into the needs and requirements of how to improve a business, it is important to look at ways it can be improved both physically and digitally. We can take a look at how building a social media team into a business can be beneficial.

Recently, the complexity of the structure has been increased in the retail industry. This because many retailers have become diverse, meaning more products and services, as well as them increasing the numbers of stores ad number of locations they are operating in. By using different perspectives, the structure that is used in the retail industry can be examined, such as size and profitability. This allows the understanding of the retail industry to increase.  It is important to have a social media team within a business to manage the businesses footprint digitally, this will allow them to grow their reach in many ways they didn’t realise was possible. 

Many people look for methods such as to Buy Instagram Followers, this will help them flourish online and also grow very quickly without the need to spend thousands on marketing budgets that some smaller firms may not have, Buy Instgagram Followers is a great way to attract customers and build the foundations before they look to increase it organically.