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SEO for Banks: Why Banking Websites Need to Focus on SEO


Digital marketing methods for banks start with increasing their visibility. Ranking high on the first page of Google organic search is crucial to the success of any banking website. 90% of users click on results that appear on the first page of SERP, which makes SEO very important for banks. It is gaining importance how banking websites can use SEO to attract more customers by choosing SEO services for banks.

The success of any banking institution depends on adding a new customer base and keeping existing banking customers happy. Banking has become a highly competitive industry and people describe banks as service providers. Banks are now focusing on providing customers with private banking applications, greater transparency and multiple ad-hoc services. This makes digital marketing very important because several banks are competing for the same customer base. SEO and other digital marketing strategies should be considered your best marketing arsenal to make the target audience aware of the benefits of your services.

Awareness of plans, services and offers should be considered as the first step to help banking customers make an informed decision.

Is SEO Important for Banking Websites?

For banks, SEO is the right choice because it can generate more leads and give you a more relevant result compared to other standard marketing tactics. If your banking website isn’t appearing online or isn’t maintaining top positions in Google, consider your SEO strategies. You need to rethink and find ways to achieve your goals. Doing proper SEO for banking websites includes identifying plans and strategies that can help improve rankings on Google’s search result pages (SERPs). Maintaining top positions in Google is very important for your website because 90% of users click on results that appear on the first page of the SERP. It also indicates that you are gaining a lot of traffic and have optimum online visibility. Going through the yellow pages is an outdated way and banking customers tend to search the internet for answers to spread information about your business and now it’s all about digital marketing.

Why Do Banking Websites Need SEO?

Replace one of your potential customers. In the current technologically advanced world ruled by the Internet, your potential customers start searching for banks on Google. The user can type the keyword “banks around me” and click the one shown on the first page. If you’re not ranking for a particular keyword that has a search volume of over 5,000 per month, you’re missing out on that many customers. As a banker, you don’t want so many potential customers to bypass you and choose competitors instead. Such a situation can be avoided if you consider SEO practices as one of the best marketing strategies for your banking website.

SEO Support

If you feel that adding SEO experts to your financial institution is not a viable option, you can always seek help from SEO service providers. An SEO agency has expertise in various aspects of optimization and this can help your bank’s overall SEO strategy. Hiring SEO experts for each of these specializations can hinder scalability. Find “best banks”, “banks with the best interest rate”, etc. near your location. Any user looking for keywords can become a potential customer. You must understand that there are thousands of bank websites on the Internet. You must ensure that your services are unique and that the content written on the site meets the needs of potential users. This will help your site stand out from the crowd. This is where effective SEO techniques come into play.

Why SEO Matters

If you apply effective digital marketing techniques, your potential customers will easily find your site in the top positions on Google. If your bank’s website doesn’t rank high on Google, it’s likely that only 10% of them will go to the second or third page of the search. That’s why it’s so important that your SEO strategies aim to reach the first page of search engines.