Refurbished Apple Device and Your Choices

In recent years, the used and refurbished telephone market has experienced an exponential boom, and the trend is not about to go down. Everyone goes there. If at the beginning, the big brands of smartphones developed this market so that the products can know a new breath and thus make it possible to acquire “new” markets, today, other brands and sites look closely at this market. But users prefer to stay loyal to their favorite brand. They then go through the option of reconditioning.

How is a smartphone refurbished?

By definition, repackaging a product means refurbishing it or repackaging it in the market. For a smartphone, the phone could have been returned for some reason by the first user to a store which takes it back for a certain sum.

The latter then sends it to a professional company, often different from the manufacturer, which diagnoses the product, resets it aesthetically and technically, cleans its shell and memory, changes its battery and repackages it with new accessories in a box like a new product. Only then is he returned to the circuit for a competitive price. We have made a comparison table of prices lower in the article. You can also go for the Refurbished Apple devices.

A refurbished or used smartphone?

Customers are more attentive to a refurbished product than a second-hand product (and they are right). The price is a little lower than a new product with almost the same condition. Then, the customer is informed about the quality of the repackaging with an A + or A or B grade. This information already provides an idea of ​​the quality of the smartphone’s refurbishment: refurbished as new, with micro-scratches, memory capacity.

  • The dealer of the used smartphone rarely gives an indication of its condition. The buyer is then delivered to himself and buys his smartphone at his own risk. While with the warranty, the customer has the assurance that his phone is as impeccable as a new smartphone. For a refurbished iPhone, it will also be possible to check the warranty with Apple directly.

In addition to this, the user who purchases a refurbished smartphone or phone can be sure that their purchase is neither a counterfeit nor the product of theft. Indeed, it is possible to request the IMEI or the identity card of the telephone from the manufacturer. So this is additional insurance for the client.

Or buy a refurbished smartphone?

You can buy these refurbished phones in several places, because there are many offers, in stores, but especially on e-commerce sites. This last method is the most complete to perfect the ecological aspect of reconditioned products. But as the market is juicy, you are never safe from a dealer being in bad faith.

How is your Smartphone reconditioned?

More and more followers are opting for refurbished smartphones rather than those that are used for various reasons.


The first reconditioning concerns the phone battery. To avoid the risk of the smartphone being returned because its battery only lasted one hour, the reconditioner uses a new battery from the same brand in the worst case, the same performance as the original phone. So, theoretically, autonomy question, the refurbished phone and smartphone lasts as long as a new phone. It is the same with accessories.