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Protect your Smartphone by Investing in a Mobile Protection Plan

Protect Your Cherished Device and Also Contribute Towards the Planet

As technology is continuing to advance rapidly, almost everyone today owns a Smartphone. They are becoming a powerful and convenient tool with passing time. Most advancedsmart phones are as good as mini laptops and the advancement of Internet, has made smart phones a source of entertainment, learning, social life, business, researching, security, shopping, camera, your status symbol, location assistance and a lot more. Smart phones help us everywhere and we rely on them for our daily tasks.

Your Smartphone is definitely one of your most valuable resources and hence you must protect it from breakages, damages, theft etc. but in case damage or software failure occurs, the right mobile protection plan will help you save money. Drops and slips can cause the screen to shatter and even internal damage. Depending on the mobile protection plan for dropsand slips that you choose, your damaged expensive Smartphone can be repaired and you will not have to downgrade to a less advance model.

Getting your device repaired instead of buying a new one not only saves your hard-earned money but also, encourages repair, refurbish and reuse theory, which reduces e-waste load on the planet, thus allowing you to contribute towards the environment.

The Right Mobile Protection Plan is a Smart Purchase.

The market is flooded with companies offering Smartphone protection plans. However, all the companies are not the same and offer different options. Look for a company that offers all round mobile protection plans which include protection against liquid damage, screen damage as well as physical damage.

While looking for the best mobile protection plan for drops and slips, it is very important to choose a company that has trained and qualified engineers and technicians to repair your precious device. Moreover, the spare parts and tools required to repair should be top quality. A well- known and reputed company makes sure that your mobile phone data is safe and protected during repair.

Go through the terms and conditions, and also the related information so that you don’t get any surprises later. Go through the eligible mobile brands and models, plan details, plan validity date, benefits, scope of service, inclusions etc. before making a decision. They have several exclusions in their plans too, which you must go through properly before making a purchase. The protection plans of most leading companies are valid on smart phones that are less than 30 days old.

Also, the process of placing a service request and tracking it should be hassle free. Some companies offer on door pick up and drop service, saving you a lot of time. Make sure to ask about the time the company takes for repairing the damage.

Mcare- Mobile Ka Doctor, operated by RD Mobiles Solutions Private Limited is a well- known and trusted Mumbai based mobile protection plans company. You can visit their website or download their android application to check the different plans available for your smart phone.