Practical tool to Crack your Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is a very successful console all around the world. There are two reasons can explaine why it is so hot. One is that you can use it as a regular portable console liker PS4, the other reasons which attrack a lot of gamers is that the multitude of games available with this console. One little thing, the game is not free. To deal with this problem, the hackers have found the solution to crack switch and play games without spending too much. In this article, you’ll get a complete introduction to the technique for cracking your Nintendo Switch.

The necessary tool to crack Nintendo Switch

The method that I am going to present to you is the most efficient currently. However hack methods are likely to evolve over time. But for the moment, there is no doubt that the method that I will talk to you is the best choice. you just provide a small budget that between 40 and 50 euros.

 You should know that this is a pack that is very simple to use and is very powerful to crack any Nintendo Switch console. You should know that the SX Pro has a lot of advantages because it allows to play most games available on the market when used for crack.

The second item you will need is a micro SD memory card. This is why it is strongly recommended to opt for a memory card with a large capacity. In my opinion, I advise you to choose one sd card at least  128 GB. With this you will be able to save almost 10-12 games. And if you want to buy a sd card with preinstalled games, you can visit

The last point is fusée gélee. In fact it is a small defect in the programming code that is only present at the level of consoles offered for sale at the beginning. This is a faut that the Japanese firm could not correct and we will enjoy here to achieve our hack. This is the place to add that there are at least a million copies of Switch consoles that have this bug in France. So if you do not have such a console, you can try to buy it on the Internet or from a former user.

Format your memory card before starting your hack. When formatting, you must specify that the new format of the memory card must be exFat.. In the download folder you will find a firmware file that you need to copy and then paste into the micro SD card. The next step is to turn off the console wifi. Then you must completely turn off the console by pressing and holding until the extinguishing button appears. At this point, you must put the memory card in your console. You must now remove the right side of the console, that is the joycon. You will insert the tool into the joycon rail at the bottom. There you have to put the key obtained from the SX pro kit into the USB-C port. At this stage the hack is almost finished. You must turn on your console by holding down the + volume and start button. We must monitor the appearance of the SX OS screen, when you arrive you can remove the tool you had placed on the right joycon and put it back on the console.

In the menu that appears you have to start the screen by pressing the “boot custom FW” button. The console will start normally. You must access the console album. This is where you will see a special menu surely for the first time.

How to put games on your Switch hacked?

You should know that there are two ways to insert games on your console. The first is to use the ftp server of the console. So you could take games by the wifi of your Nintendo. The second option is to copy the games to the memory card. Of course, it will be necessary to turn off the console safely remove the micro SD. You will also have to do the manipulation with the dongle and the tool. You should know that the console will be compatible with .xci format games and those of .nsp format.

  • The .xci format corresponds to the game card The special feature of these is that you can play even without wifi. But you have to go to the main menu at the album level if you play another game.
  • They have the advantage of appearing in the home console. In fact everything happens as if you buy it on the Nintendo Store. It must be said that here also in case of ban you can continue to play without any worries.