Online Reputation Management and SEO: A Complementary Approach

Our personal and business lives are dominated by interactions, and our reputations have a critical impact on how we function in the world. Due to the internet, however, managing your reputation now comes with a number of challenges not at play in the past. News articles aren’t primarily confined to regions, for example, and people are quick to turn to search engines before making a judgment about your reputation or your company’s reputation. Here are a few of the reasons why online reputation management and search engine optimization are so important.

Bad News Sticks Around

As anyone who’s had unflattering activities reported in a newspaper knows, the internet has a long memory. Furthermore, negative reviews often show up early in search engines. Unfortunately, there’s rarely recourse for having negative information removed, even if it’s from years or even decades in the past. It’s occasionally possible to remove negative information, but it’s more common to rely on other tactics to make this information less prominent, especially through search engines. SEO, in particular, can be especially powerful.

How People Search

Studies consistently show that people rarely look beyond the first few results when searching the internet. As a result, even information that appears near the bottom of the first page of results is often ignored. Furthermore, even fewer people look at the second page or beyond. Because of this, marketers and others in online advertising compete fiercely to get to the top of the first page of results, and these SEO techniques can be incredibly powerful. Fortunately, those wanting to boost their online reputations can make great online reputation management strides.

How SEO Works

Major search engines have sophisticated algorithms for determining how to display results for users. Although these algorithms are proprietary, they often look at which pages link to the search terms in question. Climbing in the search engines is difficult for potentially lucrative keywords, but those seeking to move more flattering or neutral information to the top of the page when users search for their names or businesses have an easier route to success. Still, expertise is needed.

Professional Help

The importance of online reputation management means that it’s often worth investing in professional help, and experts are now able to offer effective services to help their clients promote a more positive impression online. Status Labs, for example, is one of the fastest-growing private companies in the United States, and the company has opened a number of offices around the world to reach new markets. In addition to creating powerful resources for boosting the reputation of an individual or a company, the team can also create plans to respond to last-minute challenges, ensuring swift responses to unexpected events. Search engine algorithms are always changing, and professionals can ensure that their clients benefit from the latest SEO research.

An Ongoing Process

Increasingly, companies are viewing online reputation management as an ongoing need. Competition between businesses has never been more fierce, and having an edge in terms of reputation can ensure that companies are able to gain an edge on their competitors. Furthermore, projecting a positive impression improves customer and client optimism, leading to more enthusiasm.

More people are using search engines and other online resources than ever before. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to gain control of your online reputation. However, the results of SEO work improve over time, and a long-term investment might be just what your business needs to thrive in this digital age.