NEC Enterprise Solutions: Leading Fire Protection and Safety Solutions, for Hotels

Hotel owners and managers are responsible for ensuring that their guests are safe at all times and are accountable for making sure the best fire protection and safety solutions are in place. Through applying quality safety measure in hotels, owners can prevent tragedies, and in line with this NEC Enterprise Solutions has stepped up, now offering a selection of innovative fire prevention solutions for hotels to choose from.

One of the most popular systems for hotels offered by NEC Enterprise Solutions is the Smart Hospitably Alarm and Mobilisation System – With this system every hotel can guarantee and assure that is a fire occurs the responsible contacts are informed instantly and adequately in order to enable speedy and secure evacuation. This system is fully integrated with the in-house PBX/voice system and its resilient on-site wireless IP DECT network, boasting powerful text and alarm messaging capabilities to provide a wide variety of applications including individual messages to terminals, broadcast messages and confirmation messages.

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