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Most Common Computer breakdowns: How to fix them?

A computer failure, at the right time, is just a disaster. If this happened in the workplace, the company’s IT service will fix the problem on its own. At the same time, a number of problems that with enviable persistence appear on the PC, and many of them can be resolved by a user who knows how to correctly diagnose the problem and choose an acceptable way to eliminate it, this is especially important for those who spend a lot of time at their home computer. And the skills to get your PC back up and running on your own will save you some time and money.

  1. The screen is frozen and nothing happens

If a serious problem occurs with the installed hardware, the computer may freeze. However, the installed software may also be the reason. This can actually be fixed. To do this, you need to call the “Task Manager” and deactivate the inoperative program. But if the computer freezes, that is, does not respond to commands from the keyboard and mouse, then you will have to reboot.

  1. The computer overheats and shuts down by itself

The passage of electrical energy through the boards inside the PC will heat up. According to Mac repair experts, there are ways to remove heat – this is forced blowing of boards, and the installation of special radiators, but often the temperature inside the case can exceed all permissible limits, and this entails the appearance of serious problems, up to the burnout of the element base. There are several reasons for this, and one of them is dust getting inside the PC. To prevent overheating, you need to follow a few simple rules. Periodically clean the insides of accumulated dust, do not install the computer next to heating devices, do not need to install it where the sun’s rays directly fall.

Another reason leading to overheating of the PC is the discrepancy between the installed software and the technical resources of the machine. This negatively affects the operation of the central processor, memory chips, etc.

  1. Hard drive failure

This can become a source of serious problems. And if the hard drive is easy to replace with a new one, but the loss of data is sad when it comes to the results of work or study.

A disk failure leads to disruption of user applications, but you can reinstall, but as already mentioned, damage to working files can lead to the fact that recovery becomes impossible. Therefore, it is advisable to perform periodic copying to external media or to the “cloud”

  1. Internet or network connection problems

The reasons for the emergence of difficulties when working with the Internet are many, the main one is the quality of the provider’s work. Problems can arise due to the hardware used, for example, a network card, a router.

The developers of the Windows operating system have foreseen the chance of such problems occurring and have created a tool to resolve issues that arise when working with the Internet or local network equipment.

  1. Computer shuts down or restarts unexpectedly

There is nothing worse than spontaneous rebooting of the PC during work and there is a possibility that the result achieved during work will be lost.

There are many reasons for an unexpected restart or shutdown, for example, an automatic OS update. These products are supposed to notify the user when an update is in progress, but if the user does not notice or give attention to this notification, the computer will surprise you. If the PC restarts while using the new software, then the reason may be hidden in the insufficient power of the power supply unit, that is, it is not enough for the PC to work in normal mode.

Contact PC Repair Specialists

Computer repair professionals provide services for the diagnosis and repair of computers of various classifications:

  • diagnostics – repair or replacement of components;
  • Restoring and configuring the operating system;
  • Recovery of information, damaged hard disk;
  • Installation of the necessary software;
  • Removing the banner, unlocking the computer boot;
  • Virus treatment, installation of anti-virus programs;
  • Setting up network equipment;
  • Cleaning and replacement of PC components;
  • Prompt and high-quality computer assembly;