ManyChat Courses- The Key to Up –to- Date Business

Nowadays, the easiest way to promote your business is definitely online. With the world being in social network frenzy, it’s completely logical to invest in online marketing, where the chances of your business being recognized are higher than usual.

Facebook and Messenger marketing are the most popular marketing strategies, since these applications have the highest number of users. These strategies involve using a chatbot for communicating with customers and for attracting new ones.

Through these chatbots businesses keep their clients informed about their latest offers or discounts and more importantly, they are available for communication 24/7.

However, in order to create a chatbot and commence your marketing strategy, you need an online platform which helps you to build your bot such as ManyChat. It’s a simple platform which requires no programming skills for operating it.

You don’t need to worry about not being a programmer, as you can easily find a ManyChat messenger marketing chatbot course and become an expert in no time.

What do you need to know about ManyChat?

ManyChat is intended for small to medium-sized businesses whose field of work is related to sale or launching of products, promoting courses or content writing. Although it can be flexible, it’s not convenient for large business or companies out of this field of work.

How to become a subscriber?

For an internet user to become a ManyChat subscriber it is enough to start an interaction with your chatbot. In the moment when a user writes a message to your chatbot or replies to a message from your chatbot, it immediately becomes your subscriber.

ManyChat audience

Your audience is number one factor to a successful business. Therefore, ManyChat has special section about audience where you can track your subscribers. Not just the users who are your current subscribers, but also the ones who were once part of your subscription list.

You have an insight into the way in which these users entered your list as well as a short summary about each user. This information can be helpful when you wish to contact them.


As the purpose of chatbots is to maintain a more personal link with customers, the messages that you send to your clients can contain almost any type of content. Besides text, they can contain pictures, audios, videos, gifs, files and much more.

You have limitless opportunities to design the content of your sponsored messages in the way that you like. You also need to know your audience and their preferences, so that you send different types of messages according to different groups of customers. Click here to learn more about how to manage your audience.

Auto post option

This option is excellent, as it provides you to send ready-made messages and send them to your clients. Usually it’s used in the first steps of communication, when you send a greeting message to your customers.  This greeting message is sent immediately when some user becomes your subscriber.

The auto post option is highly practical for sending offers and news to your audience.  By using it, you can automatically notify your clients about the latest offers or discounts of your business.

However, you should set this message to be sent only to those subscribers who want to receive notifications. There is always a group of users who doesn’t want to be notified about anything connected with your offers. It’s better to keep it that way if you don’t want to lose them as subscribers.

Types of users

The people who use your chatbot can be divided into four categories according to their function. Some of them take the role of admins and they have the power to share the content of the chatbot, disable it or install patterns.

Another group is the editors. They just have the option of creating and editing the content, but they lack permission to disable the chatbot.

Viewers and live chat agents are not in charge of anything particular, especially the viewers. They can just see the information shared in the chatbot, but they have no option to edit it or share it.

On the other hand, live chat agents as their name implies, only control the conversations in the live chat.


Tags are very significant when it comes to subdividing your subscribers. Each subscriber has a tag, which you have the option to add or remove at all times.

These tags help you to put users in different groups according to their preferences. Since users’ preferences are changeable, you always have the option of changing their tag and assign them to a new group.

Tags are extremely useful for dividing your audience in various fields, such as: users who are interested and users who are not interested in new offers. Thus, you know which users are supposed to be contacted. You can read more info on this link:


ChatBot is an excellent option for everyone who wants to promote their business on the fast lane and wants to be constantly available for the customers.

The good news is that it’s suitable even for those who don’t have a clue in coding.

There’s no doubt that the future of business success lies in the online marketing.

The sooner you create an online marketing strategy, the better for your business.

Do not hesitate and grab the next marketing opportunity!