Latest Web Development Trends of 2019 Awareness for Web Development Team

Good web developers always strive very hard to find ways to adapt in the consistently changing the sector of web development. With the emerging trends, both new opportunities and new challenges will come forward in the web development team. For this, good companies, like for instance always stays fully aware of the latest trends related to web and application development i.e. the trends of 2019.

Progressive Web Apps are Preferable

Along with being responsive, today’s website requires to be progressive to stay ahead of the competition. Progressive web apps designed by any good web development agency are special websites, which resemble with native mobile applications. In this way, design of progressive apps is in such way, which adapt perfectly to the size of the screen, browser and device specifications of any user.

Another interesting feature about progressive web apps is that they even work perfectly without an online connection. This has become possible because of their abilities to tap into any native device. Most of the companies switched to progressive web applications have witnessed relatively higher customer engagement and conversions as compared to their competitors.

Static Web Pages are Superior to Dynamic Web Pages

Another latest trend of 2019 is that web development experts are giving priority to static web pages as compared to dynamic ones. Reason for this is that static pages are secured and faster as compared to dynamic ones. In addition, static pages allow the addition of various dynamic contents by using Markdown and APIs.

GraphQL is the Perfect Replacement of Other APIs

GraphQL is the product of Facebook and the query language has proved to be a perfect replacement of many other APIs i.e. REST APIs. GraphQL decouples your backend from your frontend, while enhances the efficiency of an online server.

Cross-platform Applications

Today, almost every individual uses multiple devices to surf the internet. Because of this, web developers working under design apps, which work and synchronize across large numbers of devices available today.

Frontend Frameworks are Excellent Starts for 2019

If you do not have started using any frontend framework, such as Angular, Vue.js or React to design your web development projects, you should start with it from this 2019. Frontend frameworks are equipped with necessary tools to streamline your tedious development aspects. Because of this, you may focus only on optimization of the user experience.

Web Components Compilers and Serverless Apps

Web components compilers help you to design your own customized elements. Moreover, they are of reusable, because of which they are available in handy to use for future projects. Also, serverless frameworks let you using the innovative cloud technology for reducing your workload and bringing improvement in scaling. Even they help you in saving money on any unused resource. Most of the cloud providers, such as Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and AWS give support to serverless applications and services.

Push Notifications than Newsletters

Push notifications are now no longer limited for mobile applications. Instead, users and web developers are consistently looking for discreet notifications on toolbars rather than getting the same on cluttered inboxes.