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Is Cloud hosting cheaper than VPS?

Web Hosting has been on a verge lately of which VPS (Virtual Private Server) and Cloud hosting has been the key drivers. These are not just those affordable web hosting plans but also web hosting with great features to facilitate your websites. There has been a lot of confusion between the two as these both use virtual technology to provide web hosting services. Their prices and features are also somewhat different which we are going to discuss today with this Blog as follows.

Starting of with what they mean and what are their valuable takeaways –

  • Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Virtual Private servers by their name are the virtually partitioned physical servers where even if you are still sharing the resources with other users, you are available with ample amount of power and configurations. You can configure it as per your needs at ideastack. Though there can be some drawbacks when the other users are consuming a lot of resources on the server which can ultimately fluctuate your performance. VPS could be a scalable option as it allows you to increase or configure CPU, memory, etc but not beyond the capacity of the server. Though VPS is very good when it comes to customizability as it offers full-root access to customize resources as much as you want. VPS is considered to be safe and secure but it can also be hindered if any DDOS attacks hits the other user’s networks.

  • Cloud Hosting

On the other hand, Cloud hosting uses the resources of many physical servers all around the world through its power of cloud technology. Which means cloud hosting avails you the resources and processing power from not one but many physical servers. You will have close to unlimited resources. Cloud hosting can be consistent as far as performance is concerned as it takes juice from many servers which makes it able to handle all the unexpected hikes in the website easily. Due to this feature, it is also highly scalable with unlimited capacity to increase power and other resources. You can increase close to unlimited bandwidth, processing power, storage, etc. Though it is not as capable as VPS when it comes to customizability as you are connected to a vast network of servers, so your cloud provider has to limit your control over settings. Cloud hosting is considered to be highly secured as it is completely managed separately from others. Though there can be some vulnerabilities as your website is hosted on a very vast network.

Million Dollar Question – Which Hosting plan is more cheaper?

Well VPS Hosting wins this to be cheaper than cloud hosting as it is limited to one server and its resources. Whereas Cloud hosting involves unlimited resources and improved security and scalable options which makes it to be expensive. Your VPS monthly costs could be somewhere predictable for every month as it goes according to the service provider’s plan and according to the resource caps. Cloud hosting may sometimes be unpredictable as it may consume higher resources or more power from larger resource caps for unexpected traffic hikes or other requirements which can ultimately make its cost higher. Though both the plans are considered to be very affordable and value for price options for web hosting services.