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About I4U News –

The news channel, namely, I4U News was launched back in the year 2000. The readers as however, promised by the news channel are provided with actionable, adventurous information about the recent and latest products, hottest trending consumer electronics, video games, toys and on many more aspects. 

The news channel can be followed on not only Google News but also on Twitter as well. 

Many years of experience and advanced shopping tools, for example like The Tracker App helps the  I4U News to provide a comprehensive and vast coverage of what is latest and new in the market. This further helps the consumers to find their desired products which they otherwise would find difficult or hard to locate and purchase.

I4U News Team-

The I4U News Team has a varied and diverse group of overwhelming journalists who are very enthusiastic in nature. The entire team is led by founding a Chief Editor, namely, Manfred “Luigi” Lugmayr, who in turn reports daily about the latest news to the tech team. Their profile details are well mentioned under their designated website column. 

In addition to the team of editorial, I4U News however serves as a home to a very esteemed and prestigious group of guest contributors who not only share their experience but meanwhile also provide their insights to the news channel.

The readers can enquire, provide their reviews or feedbacks, search their desired products or advertisements or if any kind of assistance is required, they can contact or reach out to the news channel through their email address. A support team is assigned there as well to otherwise, be of some help to their readers at large.

Reached Out To –

The I4U News channel has drawn on or reached out to an average of 1.25 million unique yet enthusiastic visitors (2.75 million page views have been recorded) per month as of now lately.

Support Inquiries –

The readers as mentioned earlier, however, can email the news channel for any issues or problems they might in person have encountered as the site has Content Removal Requests as their inclusion factor. The readers are welcomed with all the suggestions or valuable feedback they would like to give to the news channel, which further, is looked into and worked out with, with proper understanding as on the part of the readers. This plays as an attractive factor for readers.