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Catchar – The world’s largest community for Augmented Reality creators

XR projects are huge. It needs a large number of experts collaborating to make the whole idea of XR project functional. Dan Zaitsev, Dmytro Zolotar and their team are working on their own self-funded startup what would help to scale Augmented and Mixed Reality technologies. Startup named Catchar allows creators and companies to share their XR projects, articles and updates. In addition, they can work together to release best-in-class AR experiences. Developers from the different parts of the world come and join this venture to bring the best out of augmented reality and mixed reality.

The scopes of development of augmented reality are huge This will completely change the ways human interacts with the digital world. Catchar takes the initiative to bring together experts and companies that will contribute to the growth of XR application. Various campaigns are being initiated which helps in the promotion of applications, gears and information associated with the XR project. The team of Catchar is highly passionate and driven by the mission to provide and assist XR creator with all the necessary information that would make them grow.

At Catchar you can find and hire AR developers and 3D designers from the different parts of the world. . At the website, every information of the developer and designer is made visible that can help you take decision when it comes to making selection of the professional. There is information associated with the projects being initiated at Catchar aswell. You can also create your profile and reach out to the huge network that is functional across the globe. If you think that you need the inspiration to develop new projects than this is the right place to be. This is the place where you will have detailed information about the new projects and the ways these projects are functional.

With Catchar the future of augmented reality and mixed reality is taking a shape of developed concepts that can be made functional in various mainstream work and other projects. This is the place where augmented reality is taken in the most serious ways. The team is passionate about making and initiating different projects that will benefit future technology and change the ways digital interaction is done. If you are a professional, an innovator or a visionary than this is the place where your aspirations will take a realistic shape.