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Are You Familiar With Social Media Hashtags? This Can Help You Make A Fortune!

If you are an average social media user, you know what hashtags are. Often, you find popular posts trending on Twitter and other platforms with these hashtags. For the first time, you can use these hashtags as your digitalasset and watch the value grow! Well, people who are into Crypto mining are already exploiting the opportunities. You will come across an NFT platform called Tagprotocol, where you can register hashtags under your name. Each owner would have a unique set of hashtags. Therefore, the hashtags that you own would be exclusively your asset.

In Tagprotocol, an intelligent and data driven approach would analyze the performance of these hashtags on Twitter. Once a period of time, you can gain monetary returns from the platform.

How can you make money by registering hashtags?

Tagprotocol brings you the provision to own or register hashtags that look promising in terms of performance under your name. In the coming years, you would be able to obtain Tagcoin, which ensures a decent return. People owning these hashtags should stake them, besides participating in auctioning. You can list your hashtags when you own them as a unique token. Later, you can also exchange Tagcoin for other cryptocurrency Coin like bitcoin or cryptopunk.

Now, you must be knowing the value of registering early. The faster you become a member of this platform, you would get more opportunities than others to register hashtags under your name. This implies that others would not be able to register the promising hashtags before you do. In case someone already purchases or registers a hashtag that you would want to own, you would have to purchase it from the owner at a higher price.

In order to maintain transparency of the dealings, this platform has been developed on the ETH blockchain. The decentralized system ensures that the transactions and rewards of the users remain transparent. Like any other asset, NFTs would also witness a rise in their valuation in the coming years. Besides, if you are able to identify the right hashtags now, you have better chances to leverage the revenue. Of course, you should be knowing that it would not be possible for owners to obtain the hashtags at the current price after a few months.

Why are investors going for Tagprotocol?

  • Tagprotocol happens to the first platform of its kind, where hashtags are available as NFTS.
  • The DAO is completely decentralized
  • Hashtag owners have the opportunity to win hourly rewards from the platform, considering the performance of hashtags on Twitter
  • The option for participating in auctions further brings you opportunities to capitalize on the benefits

Tagprotocol has got the right technology to evaluate how each hashtag performs on Twitter. The overall ecosystem looks perfectly aligned and crafted to ensure transparency, benefitting the users. Of course, early users would have better opportunities to make the best of the situation. A basic knowledge on hashtags would help you choose the right ones. After all, this would be a great way to make a fortune for yourself!