Are You Eligible For The PMP Exam?

You are a project manager, someone who takes the time to structure projects and ensure every goal is getting checked off. If you have decided to level up your skill set by taking the Project Management Professional (PMP) training course, you are probably wondering when you are eligible for the PMP exam. Aside from getting enough hours of study and experience, you need to make sure that you are going to be able to take the exam before applying. 

Here is what you have to know about eligibility for the PMP exam: 


  • Requirements For PMP Training


Many project managers who have decided to enroll in Project Management Professional courses have experience. However, depending on your education up to that point, you may need to fulfill specific requirements that are different to others. If you have a secondary degree, such as a two-year (Associate’s) degree or a high school diploma, you need 60 months of experience as a project manager; 7,500 hours of leading and directing projects on your own; and 35 hours of PMP education to gain access to the exam. 

However, if you have completed a four-year program, such as a Bachelor’s degree or international equivalent, you have to do much less. You will need 36 months of project management experience; 4,500 hours of directing and leading as the head project manager; and 35 hours of PMP education. 


  • The PMP Exam Application Process


Fortunately, you do not have to do anything in person. Applying for the exam can be done online. You will need to contact the PMP course provider, such as Project Management Institute (PMI), with contact information and the following: 

  • Level of education
  • Degrees awarded
  • Schools and universities attended
  • Fields of study
  • Prior experience as a project manager
  • Projects competed as a project manager
  • Project management education, including courses, term dates, and qualifying hours
  • Training certificate to show completion of a PMP course

Many applications are audited. If you do not get audited, the duration for the application is around 5 business days, since the application needs to be reviewed. From there, if accepted, you receive an invitation to pay for the exam. The price depends on your membership with PMI and the number of attempts you have made. 

In the event you are audited, do not be alarmed. PMI wants to certify only respectable and reputable project managers. You will be asked to prove your education, experience, and so on. Once the audit is complete, you should have no problems getting the invitation to take the exam. 

In short, eligibility is based on your level of education, how long you have been employed, experience, and whether or not you have completed the 35 hour long PMP course offered by PMI or affiliated providers. After that, you will gain access to the exam—and then you are on your way to achieving the ultimate goal.