A step by step process of moving to cloud hosting platform

Most of the businesses of the current era are using technological solutions in one way or another in order to streamline their workflow. You should know that using technology in business solution is no more a luxury as it has become a necessity for each and every type of business. And one such technological solution that has paramount for all the businesses using some kind of software is cloud hosting.

Cloud hosting is one of the most used and popular cloud applications in which the desktop software is hosted on the cloud server of the cloud vendor. You will just have to pick the right cloud vendor and make your move to the cloud platform. If you will start using the cloud hosting solution only then you will realize what you have been missing by working on the age-old desktop installed software. There are many benefits that come along with cloud hosting like global accessibility, high uptime, heightened security, scalability, flexibility and much more. But in order to reap the advantages of these advanced platforms, you will need to make your move to the cloud in a precise manner.

This is why we have created a step by step process in this blog post for moving to the cloud hosting platform like hosted QuickBooks without any hassle.

Analyze your need

As mentioned in the outset of this article, there are many advantages that come along with cloud hosting solution and this is why so many businesses make their move to the cloud platform. But if you are planning to move to the cloud platform then you will first need to make your basic motive of moving to the cloud clear. There are many small and medium-sized businesses that move to cloud hosting solutions in order to save money and others do it so that they can provide more flexibility to their employees. Well, it doesn’t matter what your motive for moving to cloud hosting solution is, you should always be clear about it.

If you will be clear about your motive then you will be able to work towards it after moving to the cloud platform and you will also be able to track whether your motive is being fulfilled after the shift or not.

Choose which software solutions you want to host

There are many businesses that move to the cloud with the approach of ‘All or none’. They either host all the applications they are using on their desktop to the cloud or they just drop the idea of moving to the cloud. But both approaches are completely wrong. It is not necessary to move all your software solutions to the cloud, especially those ones that are legacy software because integrating such software on the cloud platform with other modern software solutions will become a big hassle for you.

You will need to look at which software solutions are acting as a roadblock in your growth when you are using it in the traditional way. For example, if you are using QuickBooks hosting software by installing it on your desktop then it will become paramount for you to shift it on the cloud platform and start using QuickBooks Enterprise hosting solution instead of the traditional solution.

Pick the right cloud vendor

After deciding which software solutions you really need to host on the cloud, you will need to begin the hunt of finding the best cloud vendor in the market. There are plethora of cloud hosting providers in the market and choosing the right one among them is completely your responsibility. You should know that not all cloud vendors in the market offer the same cloud service. In order to choose the right cloud vendor, you will have to first make a pool of some of the best cloud hosting providers in the market and then you will have to analyze the available cloud vendors on the basis of different parameters.

Security, Price, availability, experience, expertise, uptime, and round the clock customer support are some of the most common and important parameters that you can use in order to choose the right cloud hosting provider. You should know that your experience of cloud hosting service will depend upon the cloud service provided by the cloud vendor. If you will not choose a good cloud vendor then you will not be able to reap the advantages of cloud.

Train your employees

After choosing the right cloud hosting provider, you will need to train your employees so that they can use the cloud hosting solution without any hassle. There are many businesses that have introduced new and advanced technological solutions to their employees as a surprise and it has backfired the plans of harnessing the advantages of the technologically advanced solution. The same goes for cloud hosting as well.

All the employees that have been using the software on the desktop will need a little bit of training on how to use the cloud hosted solution in the best possible way. New features like multi-user access or simply opening the software through RDP, needs to be taught to your employees.

So, if you will follow this step by step process of moving to the cloud then you will never face any type of difficulty. Just move to cloud without any hurry and you will see cloud hosting doing its magic to your business.

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