5 Simple Tips on How to be a Rockstar Remote Worker

A worldwide pandemic is a frightening thing. How rapidly the Coronavirus has spread across the globe, expanding at an exponential rate, is a live proof of this.

Regardless of whether today is the Coronavirus, Ebola a couple of years back, or winged creature Flu preceding that, the message and evasion measures apply as before:

    • Stay at home
    • Avoid public transport
  • Stay away from open spaces filled with individuals in urban areas

Due to a pandemic of this proportion, the economy gets affected the most. As a citizen of our country and employees of the company we work at, we have some work responsibilities.

It gets easy to shoulder these responsibilities with the help of technology and workly remotely from home.

There are many Social Collaboration Platforms through which all the members of a team can connect at the same time, and using some simple tips can thrive as a remote worker.

  1. Maintain an ideal work environment:

Your environment enormously affects how you feel and what you can achieve, so it merits setting aside the effort to be aware of this first bit of the remote riddle.

In what conditions can you accomplish your best work? In case you are accustomed to working in an office, you probably won’t have faced this issue before.

Do you need the security of working in a similar spot each day, or does the oddity of moving around keeps you motivated?

Based on this, you can make the necessary changes at home.

  1. Take care of your body and mind:

You need to think clearly in case you want to work efficiently, and a significant piece of emotional wellness is physical wellbeing. There is a lot of stress and uncertainly, which has multiplied because of this Pandemic. To cope up with this, you must exercise to be in good physical health. Because it’s in a healthy body that a healthy mind resides. If you compromise virtual employee monitoring software on either of these you may face difficulties carrying out work with complete focus.

  1. Staying Connected:

We as humans need some connection in our lives; however, there is no one-size-fits-all arrangement right now. At office you work together in the physical presence of your colleagues, working together, helping each other out in times of need. It also helps maintain a good emotion quotient. As a remote worker, you are deprived of this. That’s where you can take the help of technology and use a social collaboration platform like Rivers to stay connected.

  1. Be honest about the recognition you require:

Studies have pointed out that money in return for work isn’t every one of those individuals needs to feel satisfied. Acknowledgment by others for the consideration and quality you put into the work you do each day hugely affects sentiments of occupation fulfillment and satisfaction.

Working in a similar physical space as your partners give abundant chances to high fives, impromptu whoops, and that brilliant inclination you get when you catch people near the water cooler how extraordinary you are.

In any case, being a telecommuter some of the time implies you pass up easy-going positive criticism or positive non-verbal communication.

  1. Self-Actualization:

Remote work can be a key piece of a satisfying, versatile way of life, yet like any intricate framework, a ton can go into streamlining it. Picking choices that sound sensible is an incredible spot to begin, and consistently checking in with yourself can assist you in finding whether those areas the best decisions for you.


Due to the global pandemic COVID-19, it has become very difficult for some people to cope- up with the new form of work, but an All-in-One Collaboration Platform like Rivers makes it easy for remote workers to work from their homes, stay connected and work effortlessly.