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A Complete Review of FPPT

What is FPPT?

FPPT is a Free PowerPoint Templates website that offers tons of free PowerPoint templates and background designs for Presentation that can be downloaded from their gallery. They provide templates from basic presentation templates to advance one especially for Business, School & College, and multi-purpose presentation designs and slide themes that can be used virtually for any presentation need. So, this article is the review of FPPT and we will tell you why it is recommended for presenters that want to save time and at the same time prepare awesome presentation designs.

Since the PowerPoint is the biggest software or platform for making presentations, slide decks and much more. The presentation templates are eye-catching and beautiful templates designs for PowerPoint free and it will save a lot of time and designing work for all the presenters.

At FPPT, you can easily find tutorials on how to make an attractive and design-oriented PowerPoint presentation with the free PowerPoint templates. You can easily browse thousands of templates according to your niche categories such as marketing, food, finance, invitation, education, travel, business, technology, etc.

In this article, we will review some of the core features available in FPPT:

Huge Catalog of PowerPoint Templates:

In FPPT, you can easily download free PowerPoint templates and backgrounds for PowerPoint along with premium graphics and stunning designs. Whether you want to make an excellent presentation with advanced analytics and graphs or making complex data charts to showcase your boss then FPPT has tons of template categories you can easily choose for your presentation.



The templates downloaded from FPPT easily support Microsoft PowerPoint so that all the templates are compatible across Microsoft Office’s latest version. In FPPT, most of the templates are built for Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 but you can open those templates in recent versions of Microsoft PowerPoint including Office 365 (now called Microsoft 365) or import them in other presentation tools such as Google Slides, Keynote or Open Office.

Dynamic and Animated Presentations:

The FPPT has carried a large number of premium & free Animated PowerPoint Presentation Templates other than static online templates so that they all tend to target more audience than normal templates during a slideshow presentation. Also, FPPT offers analytical templates and reviews from the third party websites templates that include video animation and backgrounds.

FPPT is suitable for:

Educational Presentations:

With the of FPPT templates, you can easily show your talent and your classmates and teachers with a powerful presentation. For example, if you need to prepare a presentation for your MBA course, lecture or a thesis presentation.


[ Download Here ]

Business Presentations:

Every company will aim for its global growth and achievement. With the help of these presentation templates, you can easily ready the reports, market analysis, assignments and achieve the milestone in any part of the world. Salespeople often need to prepare presentations in PowerPoint, so the sales PowerPoint templates can be a good fit.


Presentations for an Organization:

With presentation templates by FPPT, you can create awareness in people about your organization and tell them about your goals and motto. This is great if you need to prepare effective presentations for your internal company (e.g. training presentations to train new employees).

Pros and Cons

Now that we understand how FPPT can help to boost your presentation design productivity, let’s discuss the pros and cons. After reviewing this tool we could determine the following pros & cons.

Pros of FPPT:

  • It will provide a variety of designs, templates, PPT resources, etc. that you can use it easily.
  • You can easily customize and tailored as per your needs of the ppt.
  • FPPT provides highly rated and recommended PowerPoint templates with stunning designs.
  • The site has a wide range of beautiful graphics and premium designs & slide themes for PowerPoint.
  • These templates are free to download along with royalty-free resources.
  • On the website of FPPT, you can also get third party templates and designs for your presentation.

Cons of FPPT

  • The main cons of the FPPT are that many of the templates are not fully and properly customizable as I wished to do. This might add some overhead to the presentation design process, however you can still find great backgrounds and templates to use in your presentations
  • In FPPT, most of the templates are with watermark, however you can easily get rid of it using shapes in PowerPoint.
  • All the templates are free to use and provided free but the website does not offer customer support for their templates and designs.

Final Words

Wrapping all up in this article, we can say that is one of the best websites to download free PowerPoint Templates with thousands of stunning designs and graphics. You can easily search out for all the templates category wise. You can use these templates designs for your business presentations, educational purposes, organization purposes or in invitation cards as well.

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