YouTube videos but unrestricted as videos

YouTube is a platform that goes back very long as a place where almost all sorts of things are published. People go to YouTube to look for things varying from music videos to funny videos to just basic motivational speeches. However, no matter how large the platform some things would rather be enjoyed but not as a video. The biggest example that can be used is music. People love listening to music. Although even music lovers might find listening to music in a video inconvenient. YouTube because of how massive it has become there are some music that sometimes get just released on YouTube. Hence, if someone would want to listen to them then other than the video source it is not available as anything else. Moreover, watching videos over the internet requires a stable and a proper internet connection, we do not always have the liberty of a good connection, But, although it might not be a secret but those songs can be listened to but not on YouTube using a YouTube to mp3 converter. The allow us to convert the music you hear in the video into an mp3 format which can be then downloaded and listened to offline without even having to open YouTube.

How do we go about doing this?

There are various methods that can be used to achieve what we were talking about in the previous paragraph.

Firstly, we shall talk about using certain websites allow us for to do this.

First, we need to locate a website that allows for conversion then we need to follow certain steps. First step is to choose a video; you would like to get the audio file of into MP3 format. Copy the YouTube link of the same video you have chosen from YouTube. Now open a new tab into your browser with the website address. Got to the YouTube to mp3 converter website and click on the home page. Paste the YouTube link copied earlier from to the ‘empty field’ given at YouTube to mp3. Now, press the enter button to start downloading. Conversion might take a few seconds. Once, the conversion process is completed, you will be provided with a different audio option to download the file. These audio options may vary in size. However, you can select the most convenient option. Press enter, the file will begin the download of the audio file automatically.

Secondly, there are smartphone apps that allow for this too.

Got to the google app store and download the application TubeMate. Although, it is available on the google play official anyone with the link can download the app more conveniently. Also, you can click on the APK file for installation from unknown resources. After the completion of the downloading of app, from different platforms, select YouTube and begin browsing. Search for your aspired video and continue watching videos online. Also, the users can begin to watch the video, it becomes easier for them to download the video. However, the red button for the download can reveal the download option. Click on it and see many other options pop up on your screen. TubeMate is an example for an app which allows for the conversion of YouTube to mp3.