Why you need a cloud-based Transport Management System

The world has become a unified and seamless market today. The emergence of online business processes has eliminated most of the barriers and the businesses that take the digital route are most likely to succeed faster. In such a scenario, there is no way you can miss out on the incredible efficiency and resource optimization offered by a world-class cloud-based transport management system. As a large-scale fleet operator, here are some of the benefits that you are bound to enjoy with a modern fleet management system:

All-round visibility: Gone are the days when your Transport Management System offered visibility that was about tracking the vehicular movement only. An advanced cloud TMS offers complete visibility of the entire process, right from the time of booking to the invoicing.

Resource planning and optimization: Businesses that succeed are those that master the art of resource planning and making the best use of what they have. A great fleet management system will offer you a high-performance planning module supported by a library of dynamic rules and regulations enabling a seamless execution even when the volume of booking requests is really high. 

Location and navigation intelligence: One of the biggest advantages of an advanced fleet management system is the integration of AI and various other tools such as navigation, weather forecasting, etc. This makes it possible to smartly identify the optimized route and predict accurate ETAs based on factors such as weather changes, traffic congestion, road conditions and so on. 

Integrations: Unlike in the past, a modern Transport Management System doesn’t just help you track the vehicles or plan the movement routes. It also enables a holistic ecosystem integration including carriers, customers, agents, marketplaces, telematics, sensors and sorters etc.

Mobility: This is the age of smartphone app integrations, and a good fleet management system is also likely to come with an integrated driver app which will offer features such as booking request creations, approvals, generation of invoices, alerts and delivery proofs, etc. 

Capacity Acquisition: A cloud TMS can help you overcome capacity challenges by offering an integrated tendering facility which can allow the release of tenders and accepting of quotes.

An advanced cloud-based fleet management system offers a single window management of the entire fleet. Thus, it becomes a hub to seamlessly integrate, manage, track, and maintain all the fleets across locations. It will help in keeping track of each vehicle’s maintenance schedule, and also offers smart vehicle matching with load to deliver greater operational efficiency. 

A world-class transport management system provider will also offer integration with various other modules such as warehouse management system, hub management and offer features such as Rating and Billing. 

Through the usage of an advanced cloud-based Transport Management System, it is possible to gain an edge in planning, execution and delivery of services across the board and to maintain a market leading position for the logistics operators.