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Why video marketing

Content marketing has dominated the world of digital marketing for many years now but this trend is almost changing. Statistics show that video marketing is on the increase with over 62% of businesses using video marketing. That should tell you that very soon; video could be replacing many other strategies. If you doubt the story, you can check through YouTube and see how businesses are leveraging this innovation. Therefore, if you want your business to survive, you have to begin thinking about how to embrace this technology.

Following are some of the reasons why you must embrace video marketing in your business

Videos boost conversions

Studies have shown that adding a video on your site’s landing page can increase your conversions by 80%. Through a video, you could get direct sales from an explainer video. If you still are not convinced, then you should understand that vision is the most dominant human sense. A lot of information transferred to your brain is visual.  Thus if pictures have proven to improve engagement, imagine how a video or moving picture can impact your business.

Boosts return on investment (ROI)

Did you know that businesses that have tried video marketing have reported a good return on investment? Video production is not a cheap affair, yes, but it pays off a great deal. Again, online video editing tools are improving by the day and becoming more affordable so that even a start-up will find it viable. You don’t have to splash your entire budget on video, nope, with a reliable website development service provider; you can have perfect videos on your web pages. The good news is that you don’t have to do perfect videos; the accompanying content is all that matters. Research shows that videos that are now well explained put off the visitors and therefore the content must be clear and precise.

Videos build brand trust

The foundation of conversions and sales in any business is trust. Building trust should be goal number one for your business because, with this, you have long-term relationships with customers. This is the concept behind content marketing. Provide useful information and attractive videos and stop selling. Customers will be attracted by the way you present your offerings. Video content is likely to ignite emotions than any other. That is why YouTube has become the most powerful tool for promoting your brand.  You have been serious about content marketing and you can count the gains, then you need to get keener on videos too. Most customers are skeptical about buying products on the internet because of the fear of being conned. However, effective videos will present your services and products in a conversational tone and thus customers can trust you.

Google loves videos

On average, your site visitors will spend like 3o seconds to watch a promotional video and that means an increase in the time spent on the website. Longer exposure builds trust on your site and Google and other major search engines receive a signal that your site has good content.

Video marketing is the next frontier in digital marketing and therefore you must brace yourself for this exciting future. You have to engage a reputable digital marketing company that will help you leverage this strategy.