Why should you choose to use Senso 7 software?

If you are in the nursing field, you should use some proper software to manage all the data, documentation, administration, and planning in the best way possible. In this regard, you will certainly be extremely benefitted if you decide to go for Senso 7 as this is known to be the best maintenance software available in the form of a cloud.

Version 7 of this software could primarily be used for making and optimizing duty roasters. It eventually proves extremely beneficial to take care of the disabled, sick, and elderly easily, efficiently, and professionally. Its version 7 comes with several updates and the latest features making the software even better than its previous versions.

Perks and benefits of using Senso

Being an essential part of Maja.cloud, Senso is available with different features and updates. Moreover, you can also update the software from time to time. This software is considered to be appropriate and useful to be used as a document assistant. Hence, it is beneficial for both disabled and outpatients services that can be carried out individually. Its update feature makes it even more useful.

Moreover, Senso Software also happens to be the starting platform for the VIA-S. IT solutions and modular EDP are to be properly controlled through some central data centre in this system. You are supposed to get the best encryption and security features with this software system.  The optimal hardware server of maja.cloud is used for using this software online. You are supposed to know the right reasons and purposes for which you are required to settle for Senso Cloud.


Senso or Senso app has several functions that you must know beforehand. If you do not want to access this software through the browser, you can always go for its app version. All you need to have is a computer or mobile to get all its features and specifications.

Taking care of various issues and matters regarding outpatient or inpatient care would become easy and efficient using this software. It makes the whole documentation work systematic and fast. You can always visit the official website of Senso to explore all of its functions and features. This cloud software is available in Windows and other operating system arrangements. As an organization or service provides, Senso tries to instil all the features and specifications in this system to make the user experience smooth. JavaScript can be enabled on this cloud software at your convenience. On the other hand, other programs are also compatible with this software, such as Microsoft Office 365.

Using a computer and other devices, the administrative management of Senso can properly manage and support both certified individual carriers and complex facilities in everyday life such as social affairs, benefits accounting, assistant planning, etc. They add an update feature to resolve several issues from time to time. You can access this software online. You have all the reasons to know about various features and functions of this software and download it as per your convenience and benefits.