Why Every SaaS Company Needs to Invest in SEO

SaaS companies run businesses that require their users to be always online. They also require their users to have issues that need to be resolved. For example, a person who wants a cloud-based storage solution may be aware of Dropbox or Google Drive – but they may find it inadequate for their needs for several reasons. Because of that, this person is likely to search for alternatives that may actually better suit their needs. This is where SaaS solutions providers come in. A SaaS company can help people not just by providing software, but by providing solutions. However, companies that are not aware of that there is a software that can actually help them may not immediately turn to a software solution as a need.

Instead, SaaS companies need to rely on the power of search to understand what people are actually looking for. By using an SEO SaaS model, SaaS companies can better explore what people are actually searching for and how they can position their software as something that can help. This may sound simple, but it is actually more complicated than it sounds. In order to rank on search, SaaS companies need to produce outstanding content that correctly fills the searcher intent of a given keyword. 

However, creating this content is tricky. Not only does this content need to be comprehensive, but it also needs to be formatted according to SEO best practices. This means that you need distinct keyword-specific chapter headings if, for example, you are creating an ‘ultimate guide’ you need to follow ‘ultimate guide’ best practices and make sure that your content follows these accordingly. You also need to invest in a quality writer to help you develop this content and make it attractive to search engines.

But that’s not all that matters for SEO SaaS strategies. You also need to build links to this content to help it rank. Building links to content shows Google that this content is being referenced by outside wedding, which helps to build its trust in the search engine. Once you start getting other websites to link to your comprehensive piece of content, it will start to rank over time. This ranking can be forecast by using SEO tools such as Ahrefs or SEMRush, which can help you predict the amount of links you need to rank a given piece of content.

This is, of course, not as simple as it sounds. Producing great content and building quality links to this content takes discipline and time. Many companies, particularly those in the SaaS space, may want to see quicker results, but the truth is that SEO is a numbers game. However, there is much to gain from SEO. SaaS companies can leverage the power of SEO to get their content in front of high-intent searchers, who are just waiting to find something that can help them with their needs. Doing so will not only help SaaS companies rank better in the search engines, but it will also help get their SaaS offering in front of as many eyeballs as possible by leveraging the power of Google and other search engines. This is worth a lot to SaaS companies, who should not underestimate the power of search in helping them adopt more users.