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What Makes KENT CamEye so Reliable to Use?

Buying a premium car also brings along the concern of its safekeeping and from here, begins the search for a system that can protect your car from any odd situation. It is then, that a vehicle security device comes into the picture. Here, KENT CamEye has emerged as a great option to rely upon for vehicle security systems. It has all the essential security features needed to protect your car from any misuse and offers both the GPS tracker and dash cam features in a single device.

KENT CamEye has been specially designed and engineered in India, keeping in mind the needs of Indians. The device, when installed in your car, keeps you in touch with it even in your physical absence. You can keep a tab of your car’s movement and get details of every trip it makes while being driven by your chauffeur or a family member. It is enabled with dual cameras to capture the inside and outside view of the car. The built-in microphone helps in recording the audio synced with video footages. The GPS tracker system helps in tracking the car’s location across the route it travels at any given moment. Most importantly, all the records and data remain available on your fingertips through KENT CamEye mobile application. Hence, the security of your vehicle remains intact and under your control.

However, there are a lot more things in KENT CamEye that makes it a reliable device you can bring in use for your car. Read to know:

The secure Cloud storage

The first thing that can impress you is the secure Cloud storage system of this device. The data captured and recorded by KENT CamEye, is uploaded to a private Cloud storage, on a real-time basis. It is stored in an encrypted form which can be decoded in the application only by the admin of the device. That too is possible through a typical ‘authentication channel’, thus ensuring the multi-layered security to the data. Since the data access remains only with the admin, it remains safe from misuse by anybody.

Real-time updates

Many times, the chauffeur drives the car in your absence and you remain worried about it as you are not there to see if he is driving well. KENT CamEye makes it easy for you by offering real-time updates of the car in transit. It allows live video streaming of the car so that you could see everything happening inside or outside. Further, with the GPS tracker features, you can check the real-time location of the car displayed on the map.

Additionally, KENT CamEye offers real-time alerts for the breach of several security measures. In case, the driver secretly takes a detour, a geo-fencing alert would be triggered on your phone. Not only this, there are alerts for over-speeding, AC-on in parking, or long hours of engine idling, which can help you save your car from such misuse. Even the notification for trip start and end would keep you aware when your car is being driven.

The real-time updates are the best way to stay in touch with your car, despite your physical absence.

Accurate locations update

For a GPS tracker, reliability depends on its accuracy, as the users would get fairly exact locations while tracking. Therefore, KENT CamEye has been designed with highly effective sensors that help in precise location update. You can track your in-transit car at any moment and can check the route to know where it is headed. You will be aware of each and every location your car passes by in real time, on the map.

Recorded data and reports

Another feature that makes KENT CamEye a reliable vehicle security device is the recorded data and reports it provides. Right from time-lapse video to the basic details like speed and distance, are all registered and recorded for each trip. Such data turns out to be quite helpful at the time of exigencies and can be accessed by the admin through the KENT CamEye app.

KENT CamEye records the time-lapse video for both the inside and outside view of the car, drawing in a clear view of the activities during the trip. Besides, trip analytics is offered to give insight about the elementary details like the time of trip start and end, duration of engine idle time, alerts generated during the trip, average speed, distance covered and much more.

All the above-listed features contribute to make KENT CamEye a reliable choice for your car security.